How To Slide Cancel in MW3

The Call of Duty series, particularly in the Modern Warfare games, has gained acclaim for its exceptional movement mechanics, with a standout feature being the dynamic sliding mechanic. The inclusion of sliding has become a pivotal aspect of gameplay, providing players with a versatile and rapid means of traversal. This mechanic is not only aesthetically pleasing but also proves to be a strategic asset during intense firefights and fast-paced engagements. Mastering the art of sliding allows players to swiftly navigate the battlefield, dodge enemy fire, and seamlessly transition from one point of cover to another. The fluidity and responsiveness of the sliding mechanic contribute significantly to the overall agility and excitement that defines the Call of Duty experience, showcasing the series’ commitment to delivering exceptional gameplay dynamics. Today, we are going to talk about How To Slide Cancel in MW3

Slide and Sliding Mechanics in MW3

A popular technique known as slide cancel has returned in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1. This addition, which many players requested, allows you to travel across the area and face adversaries with less exposure. It debuted in Modern Warfare 2019 and quickly gained popularity among Call of Duty players. The identical technique was later included to Warzone and is now, with minor changes, incorporated in Modern Warfare 3. Many favourite features and upgraded levels from MW2 2009 were brought back, and Season 1 included new maps and weapons. The restoration of the sliding cancel mechanic was greatly welcomed by players.

How To Slide Cancel in MW3

How To Perform a Slide Cancel in MW3

If you want to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3 on console or PC, click the crouch button twice fast and leap while sprinting with the main button or stick, just like in the original edition. By pressing these three buttons in quick sequence, your character will slide and swiftly stop the animation, allowing you to move smoothly. Remember to utilise the crouch and jump buttons you choose if you altered them. The slide cancel combinations for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are as follows:

  • PlayStation: O+O+X (O = crouch; X = jump)
  • Xbox: B+B+A (B = crouch; A = jump)
  • PC: Shift+Shift+Space / C+C+Space

Advantages of Slide Cancelling in MW3

Slide cancelling is a terrific skill for instantly stopping a slide and shooting. It not only allows you to move faster over the area, but it also adds a touch of pandemonium that can catch your adversaries off guard. In a close fight, being able to move quickly can mean the difference between hitting and missing shots. Even while it may feel strange at first, practicing it is essential since opponents will use it against you if you don’t.

When you cancel a slide in Modern Warfare 3, your gun may shift slightly, leading you to miss shots. Use Tactical Pads in your loadout to make it more effective. These boots extend the length of your slide and allow you to shoot down sights while sliding, ensuring that your pistol is ready at the precise angle when you finish the slide. Tactical Pads also improve the feel of the slide cancel. If you wish to sliding cancel frequently without constantly starting a sprint, go to Modern Warfare 3’s options and enable Automatic Tactical Sprint for a more straightforward experience.

To Wrap it all Up

In conclusion, the Call of Duty series, especially the Modern Warfare games, has received praise for its outstanding movement mechanics, notably the dynamic sliding feature. Sliding has become a crucial element, offering players a rapid and versatile means of navigating the battlefield with strategic finesse. Mastering sliding allows for swift evasion of enemy fire and seamless transitions between cover points, enhancing the overall agility and excitement of the Call of Duty experience. The return of the slide cancel technique in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, a popular player-requested addition, further emphasizes the series’ commitment to delivering exceptional gameplay dynamics. Whether on console or PC, understanding and practicing slide cancel combinations can be a game-changer, providing players with a skillful advantage in fast-paced encounters.

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