Location of All Rostova Shops in MW3 & More


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Modern Warfare 3 immerses players in a diverse array of locations, each teeming with unique atmospheres and strategic possibilities. From the bustling urban landscapes of New York City to the war-torn streets of Mogadishu, the game spans various global settings. Iconic landmarks like Times Square become battlegrounds, providing both cover and challenges. Players navigate through distinct shops and buildings, each offering potential advantages or ambush points. Whether it’s the narrow alleys of Paris or the open spaces of Berlin, every locale presents a fresh tactical puzzle. In addition, the in-game shops offer crucial supplies, weapons, and upgrades, enhancing the overall experience. Modern Warfare 3’s rich tapestry of environments ensures that each mission feels like a dynamic and intense journey through a world engulfed in warfare. Today, we are going to talk about Location of All Rostova Shops MW3 and More

What are Rostova Shops in MW3?

Dr. Jansen assigns you an important mission in Urzikstan in the Essence of Aether Tier 3 mission for Act 2 of Modern Warfare 3. Your mission is to enter the combat zone and collect Essence samples from three strategically placed containers. One such container can be found in the Rostova Shops, a site rich in both danger and opportunity. Keep an eye out for hostile forces and potential ambush locations as you travel the war-torn landscape.

The Rostova Shops’ tight lanes and hidden corners may present difficulties, but they also provide strategic cover for your quest. Approach the sample container with caution, collect the Essence, and brace yourself for the battlefield’s unending chaos.

Where To Find Rostova Shops in MW3?

The Rostova Shops Essence Sample can be found in the large structure at the heart of Rostova Shops, southeast of Levin Resort in the medium threat zone. You’ll find it if you walk past the motorway. Go to the western side of the first level of the enormous structure. Look for a green tarp next to an L-shaped desk.

The Essence Sample, a metal cylinder with a white outline, is visible on the desk. Remember that all Essence Samples in the Essence of Aether task appear to be metal cylinders. After you’ve collected one, Dr. Jansen will direct you to the others via radio. You’ll finish the job quickly because they’re easy to find.

Every Rostova Shop in MW3

  1. Location: Rostova Shops is southeast of Levin Resort in the orange Medium Threat Zone.
  2. Navigation: Look for a two-story building with openings in the small cluster of buildings.
  3. Container Placement: Inside the building, find a computer table on the ground floor.
  4. Essence Sample: The Essence Sample is on the table. Stand next to it to get the prompt to Collect Essence Sample.
  5. Mission Progress: After collecting the Rostova Shops sample, proceed to Quadri Shopping Center and Hamza Bazaar to complete the Essence of Aether mission.
  6. Caution: The Medium Threat Zone has stronger Zombies, so bring a powerful weapon.
  7. Stay Close: Don’t venture too far from the objective, as the Legacy Fortress (Terminus Outcomes PMC stronghold) is nearby.

To Wrap it all Up

Modern Warfare 3 offers a gripping journey through diverse global settings, turning iconic landmarks into battlegrounds and challenging players in locations like New York City and Mogadishu. Rostova Shops, part of the Essence of Aether mission, adds a layer of danger and strategy in the war-torn Urzikstan. Amidst the tight lanes and hidden corners, players navigate this shop-filled landscape for Essence samples. Rostova Shops’ strategic cover demands caution, enhancing the intensity of the quest. The Essence Sample, found in the heart of Rostova Shops, is a metal cylinder on a desk, signaling the completion of this gripping mission in MW3’s dynamic and intense world.

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