PS5 Arcade Stick: Experience the Ultimate Fighting Games

Even with the greatest Xbox Series X and PS5 arcade stick, you probably won’t be able to destroy your opponents and pull off the ultimate combinations. In certain games, a combat stick is an indispensable weapon. Instead of depending on your thumb to perform the complicated and rapid motions of arcade fighting games, the finest fight sticks offer reliable joysticks that allow you to put your full hand and arm into each action. A good ball-top joystick can be the difference between consistently doing quarter circles and never mastering the almost universal motion.

You may choose from several different styles of battle sticks now available. Many are constructed with professional-grade mechanical switches and Sanwa components, just like those in an arcade cabinet, making them suitable for competitive play. Some have a comparable look and feel but are less expensive. Some versions even include customizable RGB lighting, so you can set the mood any way you choose. We’ll help you choose an excellent fighting stick, whether you’re looking for something for recreational use or competitive play.

These are the Best PS5 Arcade Fight Stick

Qanba Drone

Fight sticks make fighting games much simpler to play, but it’s possible you won’t want to shell out the money for a completely new game system simply to get a competitive advantage in a few games. For about $80, the Qanba Drone gives you the opportunity to participate in the button-mashing and quarter-circle action of many fighting games. That’s not much of an increase over what you’d spend for a game, and it’s very comparable to the cost of other gaming controllers.

The Qanba Drone offers a respectable amount of adaptability, since it supports both X-Input and Direct Input, making it compatible with Sony consoles as well as the PC, nevertheless, the button layout is designed specifically for PlayStation games. Although Qanba has its own arcade buttons and joystick, the platform may be modded so that it can be used with the ever-popular Sanwa components in the event that you change your mind in the future. You are also able to bring the Qanba Drone with you to tournaments since it is ready to go. It incorporates a compartment for storing the USB cord, as well as the essential Tournament Lock switch, which prevents you from inadvertently pressing a single button that causes you to be eliminated from the competition.

Mad Catz Ego

The Mad Catz Ego is a ready-to-fight fighting stick. In what sense are we saying this? It’s a Ps5 arcade fighting stick that can be used across several platforms, has noticeable high-quality components, and is ready for customization at the player’s leisure. Compared to alternatives that cost $200 or $300, the price of $162 is also competitive.

The Mad Catz Ego may be used with no problems on PCs or the Nintendo Switch. Simply connect your Xbox or PlayStation controller to the Ego to use it with those systems. If you attach a DualShock 4 controller to this combat stick, it will function with the PS5. Finding a solution that is cross-platform-compatible is a huge help. The Mad Catz Ego has a Sanwa Denshi ball-top joystick and action buttons. The joystick is mounted in an eight-way gate. The Mad Catz Ego may be opened and customized with the included screwdriver if the included high-quality components don’t suit your tastes.

Victrix Pro FS

Players that use PlayStations should be excited about the Victrix Pro FS since it’s a fantastic winner. While there are plenty of hefty fight sticks they could game on, the Victrix Pro FS is a tank. In addition to the violet light that emanates from each side, the fact that it is constructed on a robust metal chassis instantly sets it apart from the other products on the market.

The construction of this combat stick by Victrix did not end with the metal frame; rather, it went much farther than that. All high-quality Sanwa components, from the eight front buttons to the stick, may be found at this location. The compartment that allows access to the components is a little difficult to get into, but it does include an open door for tinkering, and it will make it easy for you to store your joystick when you are transporting this combat stick.

Mayflash F500 Elite

In recent years, the Xbox has more or less been excluded from the market for arcade battle sticks. The reasons for this absence are unknown. Xbox users are left with only a few decent alternatives due to the fact that the majority of the truly fantastic options are only compatible with PlayStation. You’ll be happy to know that the MAYFLASH F500 Elite is compatible with Xbox Series X and boasts the superior construction quality you look for in a battle stick.

You can play all of your favorite fighting games with the MAYFLASH F500 Elite since it has every control you could ever need. You will be able to keep your top performance game after the game thanks to the high-end Sanwa components, which provide buttons that are incredibly responsive and a joystick that is wonderfully accurate. It is even designed for modding, which means that you may tinker with it and customize everything to your specifications. In general, this is a sturdy, tournament-grade combat stick that is ideal for meeting all of your gaming requirements.

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

Many of the best fight sticks are designed for PlayStation, and while many of them will still work on PC, you may have to do some mental gymnastics to press the correct controls on the fight stick when the game on PC prompts you to use Xbox controls. Luckily, Hori has released the Xbox and, by extension, PC version of their state-of-the-art fight sticks.

Hori’s Hayabusa buttons, switches, and lever are just a few of the high-quality components that come standard on the Alpha model of their fighting stick, which boasts a sleek and durable appearance. The Alpha is incredibly responsive to your inputs and features an eight-way joystick for maximum control. The eight primary buttons have some play to them so that they don’t get stuck in their spots and destroy your combinations. The interior of the battle stick is easily accessible, allowing you to switch out the factory parts with the arcade components of your choice if you find that Hori’s Hayabusa parts aren’t to your liking.

What to Look for in a PS5 Arcade Stick Controller

You should prioritize the quality of the lever and buttons while selecting an arcade stick controller.

You can only really choose between Japanese or Korean-made components for your battle stick’s stick. When looking for a controller, Sanwa is the brand you’ll hear the most about. The firm is Japanese and makes arcade buttons and sticks with a square gate and low resistance.

In contrast, most combat sticks produced in Korea, like Taeyoung Fanta, include a circular gate with a rubber grommet. This form of the pole is what you need if you’re searching for a lever that always returns to its starting position.


The PS5 Arcade Stick is the perfect way to experience the ultimate fighting game. With its intuitive design, precise control, and customizable features, you can take your gaming to the next level. Whether you’re a hardcore fighter or a casual player, the PS5 Arcade Stick has the features to give you the best gaming experience possible. With its innovative design and superior performance, the PS5 Arcade Stick is the perfect way to experience the ultimate fighting game.

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