From Selfies to Masterpieces: AI-Powered Photo Editing Apps

In this smartphone era, everyone is a photographer. Thanks to AI-powered editing applications, it is as easy as ABC to turn ordinary selfies into masterpieces. These cutting-edge, revolutionary apps harness the power of AI to improve your pictures. They offer an array of creative filters, along with a plethora of features like automatic adjustments and intelligent retouching. In this article we’ll be learning more about Ai-Powered Photo editing apps.

Whether you want to hone your phone photography skills or add a touch of magic to your selfies, the following AI-powered photo editing applications will transform your pictures. Let’s embark on the journey to find the top editing applications that will unveil your creative possibilities.

AI-powered apps for iPhone Users to Retouch and Edit Pictures:

  1. Youni: The Youni is an AI-powered photo editing application that takes creativity to the next level. Using this editor app, you can augment the aesthetics of your pictures and make them look stylish. The application presents a creative environment where ready-made AI effects can be added immediately. The app comes with myriad filter presets that can modify the pictures how you want. If it is a selfie, you can adjust the skin tone of your face, retouch your lips and nose, and more. There are also AI avatar tools you can use to create an AI avatar version of yourself. Then, you can share the avatar on social media.
  2. Remini: This is an AI photo enhancer application facilitating effortless photo editing and enhancement. The app comes with an expansive set of features that make for an unforgettable photo editing experience. The app delivers exceptional results when it comes to creating influencer-style portraits or transforming old memories. The notable features of this application are instant transformation, state-of-the-art AI technology for enhancing facial photos, and restoration capabilities. So, whether you need to restore blurry, old pictures or enhance your selfies, this is the go-to application.
  3. Lensa AI: This cutting-edge application combines the simplicity of editing pictures with powerful AI features. The app is capable of enhancing facial features, such as removing lines and bumps or smoothening other imperfections on one’s face. You can use the app to improve the eyes, such as adding contrast or making them appear more captivating. You can blur out the background or add more depth. It is possible to set dynamic backgrounds that will be in motion.

AI-powered apps for Android to Edit Pictures and turn them into Works of Art:

  1. Picsart: Picsart is the ideal companion for creative content creators as it is one of the go-to AI-powered applications. Using this app, you can create stunning visual effects and add exceptional elements to your pictures. It is also possible to completely remove or swap the faulty backgrounds from selfies. You can blur the background if required. The notable features of this AI photo editing application are the availability of an AI image generator, upscaling and enlarging tools, the ability to create avatars, etc. You can instantly upload your avatars and photos to your social media channels.
  2. PhotoDirector: PhotoDirector is an AI application that allows you to direct your photo portraits. You can use this photo editor to create perfect cartoon avatars of yourself. You can upload your selfie or click one and then select an anime version. The avatar will instantly become ready, and you can add effects and filters to make it look more appealing. The app is equipped with precision editing tools that allow you to adjust the color, light, and facial expressions of the pictures. You can also change the way the sky looks in an image by using special templates. Enhancing the background of the picture is also done in an instant with this application.

AI-powered apps for Macs to Edit Pictures and turn them into Masterpieces:

  1. Luminar Neo: Luminar Neo is an advanced application equipped with an array of tools that users can use to give their pictures a modern and professional look. It is possible to make multiple edits to your pictures. You can use the AI multiform presets available in the application that will help you achieve the highest level of efficiency. Your pictures will instantly look better without much effort, and you can upload or share them.
  2. Leawo PhotoIns: This is an AI-powered application that enhances image quality without much effort. The app can be used to enlarge the pictures to 40X. Also, you can work with multiple pictures simultaneously. The app is equipped with batch-processing features. Thanks to its advanced neural algorithms, the app is capable of removing the background from the pictures.

Wrapping Up

These are some AI-powered photo editing applications you can consider to enhance your selfies and other pictures. These apps have the most advanced editing tools, so your photographs become masterpieces.

Do you want to add any other app to this list? Leave a comment.

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