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The PlayStation 5 is now available in India. Sony delayed the PS5 launch date from late 2020 to February 2, 2021 due to various factors, including false PS5 release dates, a delayed price announcement, reported trademark issues, unauthorised pre-orders by shady retailers, a Twitter campaign by irate fans, unsuccessful attempts by Sony India to reassure customers, followed by long periods of silence and broken promises.

However, because Sony hasn’t yet shipped the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition to India, the PS5’s introduction there is in some ways just a partial launch. In contrast to Microsoft, the two Sony next-generation consoles are almost identical, with the exception of the 4K Blu-ray disc drive, therefore it has no bearing on this assessment (although it does effect me since I was looking forward to it). No such thing exists in the PS5 Digital Edition. The price difference is 10,000 rupees. Waiting is worthwhile if you choose not to purchase physical games.

PS5 Reliance Digital: Your Destination for Gaming Delight

Reliance Digital is the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts seeking the unparalleled gaming delight offered by the PS5. With an expansive range of gaming consoles and accessories, Reliance Digital ensures that you have access to the latest and most sought-after gaming technology. Knowledgeable staff equipped with expertise and passion for gaming, providing expert guidance and recommendations. Conveniently located across India, Reliance Digital stores offer a comfortable and immersive environment where you can explore the PS5 and experience its capabilities firsthand. Moreover, Reliance Digital’s competitive pricing, exclusive deals, and seamless after-sales support make it the go-to destination for all your gaming needs. When it comes to the PS5, Reliance Digital is your one-stop-shop for an exceptional gaming experience. PS5 is available at the reliance digital store for just ₹49,990.00.

PS5 Amazon India: Providing Attractive Deals

When it comes to purchasing the highly sought PS5 in India, Amazon emerges as a prominent destination offering attractive deals. With its vast online marketplace and competitive pricing, Amazon provides gamers with the opportunity to own the next-generation console at a reasonable cost. With the convenience of online shopping and reliable delivery services, Amazon simplifies the process of acquiring the PS5 in India. Whether you’re a passionate gamer or an enthusiast eager to explore the new gaming possibilities, Amazon’s attractive deals on the PS5 make it a go-to platform for securing this highly coveted gaming console. The price of PS5 on Amazon is almost as same as reliance i.e ₹49,990 but the difference is that the Amazon is providing ₹2500 cashback too (only on Amazon Pay and ICICI Credit Card Users).

PS5 Controller Stand

The PS5 controller stand is an accessory designed specifically for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller. It is a small stand that allows users to safely and securely store their controller when it is not in use. The stand helps to keep the controller organized and prevents it from getting scratched or damaged. It also serves as a convenient charging dock, as some controller stands have built-in charging capabilities, allowing users to easily charge their DualSense controllers while they are on display. Overall, the PS5 controller stand is a useful accessory for keeping the controller in good condition and ensuring it is always ready for gaming sessions.

PS5 Arcade Stick

The PS5 Arcade Stick is a specialized gaming controller designed for use with the PlayStation 5 console. There are multiple PS5 Arcade Sticks available on the market. They are primarily used for playing arcade-style fighting games, but can also be used for other gaming genres that benefit from a joystick and button layout. The Arcade Stick resembles the traditional arcade cabinets and features a large joystick, along with an array of buttons that mimic the arcade experience. It offers precise and responsive controls, allowing players to execute complex moves and combos with ease. The PS5 Arcade Stick is typically wired and connects to the console via USB. It is a popular choice among enthusiasts and competitive players who prefer the arcade-style control scheme for an immersive and authentic gaming experience.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Sony’s DualSense controller for the PS5 offers a major overhaul compared to its predecessors. With the introduction of haptic feedback and trigger resistance, the DualSense takes gaming immersion to a new level. In Astro’s Playroom, players can experience the intricate details of rain, footsteps, and even wind. The controller’s adaptive triggers provide a realistic feel when interacting with different objects, showcasing its capabilities. However, extended use of the DualSense’s advanced features can lead to discomfort and shorter battery life, raising some concerns among gamers.

While certain games, like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and FIFA 21, fully utilize the DualSense’s capabilities, not all titles take advantage of its features. Game developers have the freedom to incorporate haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as they see fit. This means that some games may only provide standard vibration, limiting the immersive experience. Additionally, compatibility with the previous generation’s DualShock 4 controller is limited to PS4 games, which may disappoint players who already own the older controller.

Despite these limitations, the DualSense’s design and feel represent a significant upgrade from the DualShock 4. Its ergonomic shape ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, although the intensity of haptic feedback may lead to fatigue over time. The controller’s new features, including a built-in microphone array and redesigned PlayStation button, add to its modern appeal. Sony’s decision to restrict the usage of the DualShock 4 on the PS5 disappointed players, as it limits their options when playing PS5 games.


The PS5 has revolutionized the gaming landscape, and gamers in India can finally join the excitement. With reliable retailers like Reliance Digital and convenient online platforms like Amazon, obtaining the PS5 has never been easier. So, grab your controllers, prepare for epic adventures, and immerse yourself in the next generation of gaming with the PS5!

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