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My review of the Sades Spirits gaming headset can be found here. Therefore, I am not familiar with this one. Recently, I was offered the opportunity to write my very first review for a piece of technology that is quite useful to me in my day-to-day activities. Recently, Sades provided me with one of their Spirits Gaming Headsets in order for me to test it out and write a review on it.

Sades were already on my mind because I’ve been looking for a new headset to replace the one I currently use, and after doing some research, I found that they appeared to be a suitable option for me. These headphones have outstanding specifications.

So, let’s begin with my initial thoughts, and then we’ll move on to the product’s quality, sound quality, and how easy it is to use.

Sades Spirits Gaming Headset

When I initially opened the delivery, I found that the box had been somewhat damaged in shipping. This struck me as unusual given that the box is fairly durable in comparison to what you might anticipate from cardboard.

Even though there isn’t much going on with the design, what is there is really striking in spite of the fact that there isn’t much going on with it. The design of the box is very simple. Everything you require to know can be easily gleaned from the packaging, from the various operating systems on which it can be used to the features that are simple to operate.

You do receive some extra accessories in the package with the headset, or should I say accessories? You get a Y-cable supplied to connect the headset to a personal computer. This is standard practice for headsets.

The fact that the Y-cable as well as the primary cable are both braided was really convenient for me given that I have a cat that is always trying to get into mischief and destroy stuff. People who are like me and like to move around quite a bit while they are gaming will benefit from the braided cables because they are very flexible and hold together very well.

The Importance of Crafting a Quality Build

Besides sound quality, the most crucial feature of a headset is comfort and durability.

I haven’t used the headset long enough to comment on the latter, but the casing’s plastic seems solid and durable. The braided cable, as I’ve already said, lasts longer than a plastic cable. Wear and tear won’t affect this headset for years.

Is the headset comfy? Yes, briefly. The head bar has enough cushioning to keep your head comfy for hours.

My ear muffs fit well and are well-padded. You won’t feel the plastic where the speakers are in the Sades Spirits’ ear muffs as I did with other headsets. Leather ear muffs are skin-friendly. Played for four hours straight without ear discomfort.

I had one comfort concern. I wear blue light glasses to avoid headaches when gaming, however, the headphones don’t work well with glasses. Wearing glasses with a headset is uncomfortable. I saw it after a few hours.

Back to the cables, both the headset cable and the Y-cable are 1.2m, so you can move around and game/listen to music without being tethered to your desk. Its single cable makes cable management easier than headsets like the Genesis Neon 750, which has many wires that tangle.

Finally, I liked that the mic can be moved from the down position, where it’s used to talk, to the up position, where it’s out of the way.

Sound Quality

I’ve been using the same headset I bought from a BnM (a local bargain retailer) six years ago since I haven’t really had the money to update until I was requested to do this Sades Spirits review. Since I had never worn anything like the Sades Spirits before, I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

Since I often listen to music while I write reviews, the Spirits’ excellent audio quality is particularly important to me. Although the sound quality isn’t quite as good as that of more expensive headphones, it does the job.

Due to the nature of the product, I put it through its paces by playing a few PC games, including Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In selecting these games, I was looking for a good balance between relaxing ambient sounds (Minecraft) and the ability to detect nearby zombies (7 Days to Die) and enemy footsteps (CS: GO).

Compared to my prior headset, I was able to hear much more of the tiny noises in the background while gameplay. There were times when the sound seemed muffled, and if the headset isn’t positioned just so, it might throw you off totally. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the sound quality is excellent, especially considering the low price.

I roped together a few pals to jam with me in front of the mike. After some playful experimentation, I asked each one if they could hear me better than normal. It’s difficult to tell when you’re not the one listening, but the mic seemed to be working fine.


The Sades Gaming Headset is a fantastic option for gamers of all skill levels, from casual to competitive play. The pricing point is affordable, the sound quality is outstanding, and the comfort level is really good. Any gamer who is searching for a more immersive and pleasurable gaming experience would be advised to make the investment in the Sades Gaming Headset due to its high-quality build and cutting-edge functionality.

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