The Ultimate HyperX Headsets of 2023

HyperX has an impressive and growing selection of Headsets for video games. HyperX offers a wide range of Headsets, from the high-end HyperX Cloud Alpha S to the wireless HyperX Cloud Alpha and the budget-friendly HyperX Cloud Stinger in between.

You can’t go wrong with a HyperX headset, since the firm is well-recognized as a market leader because of its high-quality microphones, plush and secure construction, and faithful audio reproduction. Since its release in 2014, the Cloud has consistently ranked at the top of ‘best’ headset recommendations.

However, even if you know you want a HyperX headset, you still have a lot of alternatives to sort through before you settle on the best one for you. Which HyperX headsets do you think is the best?

In order to address that question, we have put together this helpful guide, which features the best of what HyperX has to offer and which can be tailored to meet a wide variety of needs, preferences, and budgets.

Best HyperX Headsets

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

If you need a wired headset from HyperX, go no further than the Cloud Alpha S. If you value convenience over considerations of battery life and latency, a wired headset may be for you. These headphones are both comfy and robust, and they come with rudimentary sound adjustment tools in the form of bass sliders on either ear cup. At maximum volume, their warm, boomy sound profile is ideal for highlighting in-game elements like footsteps and explosions. The ear cups can be padded with either leather or fabric, according to your personal preference.

The boom mic performs admirably, allowing you to communicate clearly with your gaming companions despite the presence of some ambient noise. The included USB dongle allows for low-latency connections to PCs and PlayStation consoles, in addition to full compatibility with most consoles through analog connection. In order to have certain audio options within easy reach when gaming, the dongle contains physical buttons for volume, channel mixing, mic mute, and surround sound. The HyperX NGENUITY software may be used to adjust the volume and enable surround sound for the headphones. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless app has more sonic adjustment options, but this one does not.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

We found the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless to be the finest HyperX headset overall. These high-end headphones really stand out from the competition because of how long their battery life is. You may use them without worrying about constantly charging them because they have a continuous usage duration of more than 300 hours. And because of its low latency wireless architecture, your audio and video will always be in sync, even when the stakes are highest. Their boom mic performs admirably if you enjoy playing games with others. Even in somewhat loud settings, your speech remains intelligible.

They feature a somewhat v-shaped sound profile out of the box, which may be used to highlight action sequences without overpowering the conversation. If you’re playing on a PC, you may adjust the audio settings with the help of the visual equalizer and presets included in the software. However, after making modifications, excessive latency has been noticed by certain users. They’re also on the pricier end of HyperX’s lineup, so if you’re shopping around for a pair of headphones that won’t let you down too badly without breaking the bank, check out the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II Wireless. The Cloud II Wireless have a shorter battery life and fewer customization options than the wired version, but they are otherwise identical in terms of comfort, durability, and low latency.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

When it comes to low-cost headphones, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is the finest model we’ve tried from the company. These less expensive headphones may not be as well-made or as comfy as our top selections, but they still deliver a satisfying gaming experience. The boom mic on these headphones isn’t quite as bright and open as the one on the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II, but it still does a fantastic job and is a nice choice if you spend a lot of time online gaming. Although the ear cups don’t feel quite as luxurious as those on other headsets, they nevertheless provide a snug, comfortable fit that’s great for marathon gaming sessions. Because they are connected, they may be used with computers as well as game consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox.

Their bass-heavy sound signature gives your music more rumble, punch, and boom. Although the overall sound quality may be lacking, individual sounds, such as voices, should still be audible. You’ll need to tweak the headphones every time you use them, as is the case with other HyperX headsets we’ve tried, to achieve the same sound. They can’t be adjusted to your preferred volume or tone because they don’t connect to an app or have such capabilities. The HyperX Cloud Stinger S is a bit more pricey, but they offer virtual surround sound and a more adaptable listening experience. But their microphone has a lot more difficulties isolating your speech from the background noise.

HyperX Cloud 2

The HyperX Cloud 2 and Cloud II are great options if you’re searching for anything on a budget. One of the more popular products from the company, these wired headphones debuted in 2015. They outperform the HyperX Cloud Alpha S in terms of microphone performance while being just as comfy and well-built. Their boom mic makes your voice seem clear and natural, and it can filter out mild background noise like conversations or passing cars better than our prior recommendation.

Their resonant soundscape might make your action-oriented video games feel more real. The instruments and vocals are there, but they’re a little muddy. They don’t have an equalizer or onboard sliders to adjust the volume, and they don’t work with mobile apps like the more expensive headsets on this page. However, the low-latency connection with PCs and PlayStation consoles is made possible via the provided USB dongle. The volume of both in-game and conversational audio may be adjusted, and 7.1 virtual surround sound can be used. The analog connection on these headphones means they’ll work with a wide variety of game systems.


To summarise, HyperX headsets have maintained their status as one of the most dependable and adaptable brands of headsets now available on the market. The HyperX headsets provide a plethora of features and customization possibilities, ensuring that they will fulfill the requirements of every gamer. No matter where you are in your career or how long you’ve been playing video games, HyperX headphones have something to offer you. You can be certain that you will have a headset that satisfies your requirements and will serve you well for many years to come if you invest in the top HyperX headsets of 2023.

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