5 Saiyans in Dragon Ball Ranked based on intelligence

Although the Saiyans are widely regarded as the most powerful race in the Dragon Ball universe, they often face a disadvantage when it comes to intelligence. Generally speaking, Saiyans tend to prioritize combat over education, resulting in a lack of focus on intellectual pursuits.

While there are exceptions to this generalization, a significant number of Saiyans adhere to this pattern rather than deviating from it. Goku, in particular, epitomizes the quintessential Saiyan disposition, placing paramount importance on strength and battle, often at the expense of other aspects of life.

5 Saiyans Dragon Ball Ranked based on intelligence


Given his upbringing on a remote planet with minimal social interaction, it is reasonable to assume that Broly lacks intellectual prowess. Even in the domain of combat, he lacks the strategic acumen and finesse displayed by veterans like Vegeta and Goku, who have honed their skills over extensive periods of battle.

Although it is possible for Broly to eventually reach the level of proficiency demonstrated by his counterparts (and it appears that he may embark on that journey in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes), currently he stands as one of the least intellectually inclined Saiyans.


At the very minimum, Goten’s father, Goku, doesn’t differ significantly from him in terms of intelligence. In the realm of combat intelligence, Goku undoubtedly surpasses his son, primarily due to his extensive experience.

However, when considering academic intelligence, it is probable that both Goku and Goten share a similar level of aptitude due to their comparable upbringings. In this regard, Goku holds a slight advantage by virtue of his significantly older age and possessing a slightly greater degree of book smarts compared to Goten.


Vegeta’s upbringing as a prince likely contributes to his heightened intelligence compared to the average Saiyan, evident in both combat and education. When it comes to education, he displays a greater understanding of the social conventions and norms of Earth compared to Goku.

In terms of combat, Vegeta’s prowess is surpassed only by his aforementioned close ally. His superior combat intelligence and skill set him apart from the majority of fighters, establishing his position as one of the most formidable warriors in the Dragon Ball universe.

2)Future Trunks

Future Trunks, in collaboration with Future Bulma, successfully constructed the Time Machine, showcasing his exceptional intelligence and combat prowess. Prior to that, he received training from Future Gohan, which was further enhanced by Vegeta during the Android saga.

His intellectual acumen matches his tactical skills, as he displays a deep comprehension of Multiverse Theory and the ability to create a fully operational Time Machine.



Gohan stands out among Saiyans for his exceptional intellectual capabilities. While he possesses impressive fighting skills, his true brilliance lies in his scholarly pursuits.

Throughout the Dragon Ball series, Gohan has consistently shown a preference for education over combat, emphasizing his dedication to expanding his knowledge.

However, it’s important to note that Gohan is not lacking in combat abilities. He achieved a significant victory over Cell, although he initially attempted to reason with him before resorting to battle. Gohan’s combat prowess shone through as he became the first-ever Super Saiyan 2 and ultimately emerged triumphant in defeating Cell.


Intelligence plays a significant role in the Dragon Ball universe, and it’s fascinating to ranked the Saiyans characters based on this trait. While Saiyans are known for their incredible strength and power, their intelligence levels vary greatly. From the strategic brilliance of Vegeta to the cunning and tactical mind of Goku, this article explores the intelligence of 5 Saiyans in Dragon Ball and ranks them accordingly.

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