Attack On Titan: Yelena’s Origin Twist Explained

Attack on Titan unveils a significant revelation about Yelena, shedding light on her true origins and untold backstory. As the final season of Hajime Isayama’s gripping narrative nears its conclusion, the imminent threat of Eren Jaeger’s Founding Titan looms over the world, poised to unleash widespread destruction. One might expect the series’ heroes to be engaged in a monumental, climactic battle, wading through the gruesome remains of Wall Titans as they strive to apprehend Eren before he claims more innocent lives. However, the reality is quite different.

While this fireside discussion does yield a few crucial moments, such as the Survey Corps finally discovering the truth behind Marco’s death and Annie revealing her allegiance after her previous preoccupation with pie, the most astonishing revelation revolves around Yelena, Zeke’s trusted confidante. Recognized for her unsettling countenance earlier in Season 4, Yelena asserts that she originates from a nation that was invaded and decimated by Marley. Supposedly, she aligns herself with Zeke’s cause to avenge her homeland and prevent others from enduring the same tragic fate through Zeke’s proposed Eldian euthanization plan.

In Attack on Titan episode 84, a shocking revelation occurs as Yelena’s fabricated origin is exposed. It is unveiled by Magath and the other Marleyans that Yelena is, in fact, a pure-blooded Marleyan with no foreign heritage as she had claimed. Yelena would have led a peaceful life among the main population of Marley, unaffected by the oppression faced by Eldians or the compulsory military service endured by prisoners like she pretended to be. While the distinction between whether Yelena hails from Marley proper or one of its conquered territories may seem like a mere technicality within the current context of Attack on Titan, this detail completely alters the audience’s perception of Yelena’s character.

Yelena Alliance with Zeke

Yelena’s unwavering adoration for Zeke Jaeger has been evident, though it previously appeared as if she had a complex of wanting to be his savior. Yelena experienced the loss of her country and the theft of her freedom, and Zeke seemed to offer an end to her suffering. However, after Magath’s revelation, this perception no longer holds true. Yelena’s actions were solely driven by her love for Zeke, devoid of any ideological motivation or vengeful intent. Zeke’s charisma alone was enough to compel Yelena to abandon her comfortable life and embark on a mission that would inevitably lead to her demise and the loss of countless lives.

In Attack on Titan’s final season, Yelena stands as the antithesis to Mikasa. Both harbor an intense affection for the Jaeger brothers, which many would deem unhealthy. However, Yelena makes it clear that she would unquestioningly carry out any order given by Zeke, no matter how morally depraved. As the final battle approaches, Mikasa faces a similar dilemma. She could choose to follow her heart and support Eren’s genocidal mission to protect Paradis Island, but Annie questions Mikasa’s ability to defy Eren Jaeger. Without hesitation or doubt, Mikasa affirms her moral stance, refusing to let him cause further harm to innocent lives.

Parallels can also be drawn between Yelena and Ymir Fritz. Ymir’s love for King Fritz led her to continue obeying the royal family that enslaved her, despite possessing the power to eliminate them all in an instant. Similarly, Yelena likely understood that Zeke Jaeger was manipulating her unwavering trust for his own agenda, yet she proceeded with his plans, with Zeke’s mere presence serving as her sole reward. Ymir eventually succumbed to rage and aligned herself with Eren.


The revelation of Yelena origin in Attack on Titan has added another layer of complexity to the series. This article has provided a comprehensive explanation of the twist, shedding light on Yelena’s background and the implications it holds for the story. With this newfound understanding, fans can now appreciate the character’s motivations and actions in a deeper context, enhancing their viewing experience.

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