Black Clover Chapter 362: Release Date and Time

Black Clover fans can anticipate the release of chapter 362 on Monday, June 19, 2023, at 12 am JST. Following a brief hiatus, the manga is back and scheduled for the upcoming week, barring any unforeseen announcements during the magazine’s release. Readers can access Yuki Tabata’s series through Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app and Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app, ensuring widespread availability.

In the previous chapter of Black Clover, an intriguing development unfolded as Lucius revealed his ability to create clones of himself. This revelation shed light on the fact that Yuno had been engaging with a mere duplicate of Lucius throughout their battles. Meanwhile, the Black Bulls embarked on a journey to seek assistance from the Witch Queen. Teaming up with the Witch Queen and Dorothy Unsworth, they set out to retrieve Asta and bring him back to the Clover Kingdom.

With these exciting plot developments, fans eagerly await the new chapter to see how the story unfolds and what challenges await the characters in their ongoing adventures.

Asta might return to the Clover Kingdom in Black Clover chapter 362

Black Clover enthusiasts can look forward to the highly anticipated release of chapter 362, which is scheduled to be available on Sunday, June 18, for most fans around the world. However, for readers in Japan specifically, the chapter is set to debut on Monday, June 19, at 12 am JST (Japan Standard Time). It’s important to note that the release date and time may vary depending on the reader’s specific time zone and geographical location.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the latest installment of the Black Clover series, here are the anticipated international release times for chapter 362: [Specify the relevant release times for different time zones or countries, if available, based on the official announcements or distribution platforms.]

  • Pacific Standard Time: 7 am, Sunday, June 18
  • Central Standard Time: 9 am, Sunday, June 18
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10 am, Sunday, June 18
  • British Standard Time: 3 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Central European Time: 4 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 am, Monday, June 19

Black Clover enthusiasts have the opportunity to dive into chapter 362 of the manga through two popular platforms: Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app and VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump app. By accessing the MANGA Plus app, fans can enjoy the entire series, including all the chapters of Black Clover. However, it’s important to note that readers should proceed with caution as each specific chapter can only be viewed once on this platform.

On the other hand, the Shonen Jump app offers its dedicated readers a slightly different reading experience.

Recap of Black Clover chapter 361


In Black Clover chapter 361 titled “The Final Force,” Lucius unveils his newfound power. Having acquired body, blood, and bone magic in addition to his soul magic, Lucius now possesses the ability to create clones of himself. With this new ability, he forms an army of Luciuses and launches an attack on the Clover Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Black Bulls visit the Witch’s Forest to inquire about Asta’s whereabouts from the Witch Queen. The Witch Queen anticipates their arrival and informs them that Asta is alive but currently residing in a distant foreign land. During their conversation, Captain Dorothy Unsworth of the Coral Peacocks appears and joins forces with the witches and Findral. Together, they develop a compound magic spell that allows them to visualize and interact with anyone they desire.

What You can expect from Black Clover Chapter 362?

In the anticipated Black Clover chapter 362, it is expected that the Black Bulls will attempt to communicate with Asta. Although the mechanics of the compound magic spell remain unclear, they should have the means to establish contact with him. Consequently, the next chapter might showcase Asta’s return to the Clover Kingdom in preparation for his upcoming battle.

Furthermore, Black Clover chapter 362 might unveil whether Ryudo Ryuya and the Ryuzen Seven will make their way to the Clover Kingdom. Given the magnitude of Lucius’ threat to the world, it is highly likely that they will align themselves with Asta and join him in the impending battle.


Black Clover Chapter 362 is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of this thrilling manga series. In this article, we have explored the release date and time details for Chapter 362, keeping fans informed and up-to-date. The captivating storyline, intense battles, and character development have made Black Clover a fan favorite, and Chapter 362 promises to deliver another dose of excitement and intrigue. As readers brace themselves for the upcoming chapter, the anticipation builds, and the wait becomes even more tantalizing.

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