Black Clover Manga 367 The New Witch Queen

On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, alleged spoilers and raw scans for the highly anticipated Black Clover chapter 367 surfaced, offering fans an exciting glimpse of the upcoming events. Although nothing can be confirmed until the official release by Shueisha on Monday, August 7, 2023, fans are eagerly anticipating what the leaks suggest for this installment.

Surprisingly, the events that unfolded after the initial scene in Black Clover chapter 367 were completely unforeseen by fans. The upcoming release of the series will introduce a new Witch Queen, a development that caught everyone off guard and was arguably one of the most unexpected twists in the story.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Sees The Old Witch Queen


Reportedly, Black Clover chapter 367 commences with Damnatio being defeated by Asta and falling to the ground. Asta reassures Damnatio that he will save him too and rushes toward the other Black Bulls. The Witch Queen reveals that Secre Swallowtail used her Sealing Magic just in time to rescue them, but in doing so, she has depleted almost all of her power, causing her to age rapidly.

With her strength waning, the Witch Queen asks Vanessa to become her successor as the new Witch Queen. Dorothy Unsworth expresses her desire to take on the role, and after some consideration, the current Witch Queen accepts Dorothy’s request. She acknowledges that the forces in the Clover Kingdom remain formidable and urges them to stay strong.

The Witch Queen then inquires about Asta’s plan if his comrades are revived. This triggers a flashback to a conversation in Hino Country with Ryudo Ryuya, discussing Anti-Magic’s properties with Asta. Ryudo proposes that if Asta can bestow Anti-Magic to an object, he should be able to grant it to a person as well. Back in the present, Asta successfully shares his Anti-Magic powers with the Black Bulls, declaring it’s time to save the world as the chapter concludes.

Black Clover The New Witch Queen


According to the mentioned spoilers, while Vanessa is being considered for the position of the new Witch Queen, Dorothy Unsworth allegedly expresses her desire to take up the role instead. Though the exact reasons behind Dorothy’s decision remain unclear, she appears enthusiastic about assuming the responsibilities of the Witch Queen.

From a storytelling perspective, Black Clover chapter 367 likely establishes Dorothy as the next Witch Queen, considering that Vanessa’s true home is with the Black Bulls. Conversely, Dorothy’s potential allegiance to the Coral Peacocks squad, where she serves as a Captain, becomes less relevant when she seeks the position of the Witch Queen.

Moreover, Vanessa’s past trauma revolves around being held captive in the Witch’s Forest due to her potent magic. On the other hand, Dorothy’s reasons for leaving the Witch’s Forest have not been fully explored, but her aspiration to become the next Witch Queen hints at a more positive experience.


If the narrative themes of the series up to Black Clover chapter 367 were different, Vanessa’s appointment as the new Witch Queen would have made sense, aligning with themes of restoration, healing, and overcoming the past. However, these themes are either absent or minimized in the overarching story.

Thus, considering the potential candidates presented by Yuki Tabata, the author and illustrator, Dorothy Unsworth emerges as the most fitting choice to become the new Witch Queen. While further details about Dorothy’s backstory might influence opinions, the current lack of information solidifies her position as the best candidate for the role.


In conclusion, Chapter 367 of Black Clover introduces us to the enigmatic New Witch Queen, a character shrouded in mystery and intrigue. As the story continues to unfold, fans are eager to learn more about her role in the world of magic and how she will impact the lives of Asta and his friends. With its rich storytelling and dynamic characters, Black Clover keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this magical adventure.

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