Bleach: TYBW Episode 14 Visuals Leak

After a decade-long wait, Bleach, created by Tite Kubo, gained significant attention with the release of the first cour last year. The recent buzz surrounding the anime adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc by Studio Pierrot has further intensified the hype. Fans have applauded the impressive animation, the enhanced storyline compared to the source material, and the seamless progression of episodes. Now, fans eagerly await the second cour of Bleach: TYBW, which is scheduled for release on July 8, 2023.

Adding to the anticipation, preview images from the upcoming episode 14 of Bleach: TYBW have surfaced on social media. This occurrence mirrors the previous release of leaked images during the Japanese screenings of the initial episodes in cour 1. As a result, the unveiling of these leaked images has only fueled the excitement among Tite Kubo’s dedicated fanbase.

Bleach TYBW episode 14 visuals leak hint at Yhwach making Ishida his successor

Following the Japanese screenings of Bleach: TYBW episode 14, preview images from the episode have surfaced online, evoking a sense of déjà vu among fans as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of the second cour of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. The release of these preview images has generated renewed excitement, building upon the positive reception of the first cour in late 2022.

User @nayem_saki shared these images, which predominantly feature the Quincy characters, indicating that they will play a central role in the upcoming episodes. The first image, positioned on the left, depicts Uryu Ishida engaged in conversation with Yhwach, the Father of Quincys, who apparently discusses the prospect of Uryu becoming his successor.

In addition, there is another image that captures Jugram Haschwalth, the Sternritter Grandmaster of the Quincy’s Wandenreich, engaged in a conversation with Bazz-B, one of his subordinates. However, the specific context and details of their discussion remain unclear.

The shared tweet also features a scene where protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is seen conversing with Ichibei Hyosube, a member of the esteemed Zero Division known as the true elite among the soul reapers in Soul Society. This glimpse suggests that the initial episodes will revolve around Ichigo’s training arc and his evolution alongside his new Zanpakuto.

The appeal of Bleach: TYBW episode 14 visuals leak adaptation

When Bleach concluded abruptly a decade ago, leaving the final arc unadapted, it left fans disappointed with the unresolved ending. The series had faced criticism from the anime community for various reasons throughout the years. However, with the recent adaptation by Studio Pierrot, the tides have turned once again.

Following a notable time skip, the Thousand-Year Blood War arc delves into the resurgence of the Quincy race under the leadership of Yhwach. They have initiated a war against Soul Society, and many prominent soul reapers find themselves powerless against this formidable threat. Even Yamamoto, the leader of the organization, met his demise in battle.

Thus, the responsibility falls upon Ichigo and his friends to bring an end to this Quincy war. Along the way, Ichigo will also uncover more about his ancestry and explore the depths of his new Zanpakuto. This particular aspect promises to be one of the major highlights and enticing factors of the upcoming season.


The visuals leak for Bleach: TYBW Episode 14 has created a buzz among fans of the series. This article has provided a glimpse into the upcoming episode, showcasing the stunning visuals and giving fans a sneak peek into what they can expect. With the anticipation building, fans can look forward to the continuation of the TYBW arc in the anime adaptation of Bleach.

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