Bleach TYBW Episode 16 Ending Explained?

The ending of Bleach TYBW episode 16 marked a significant moment in the series, and fans all over the internet are buzzing with countless theories about Ichigo Kurosaki’s fate. In this episode, Ichigo was put on trial. Ichibei Hyosube embarked on the challenging path of Irazusando to surpass his role as a soul reaper.

The path of Irazusando proved to be arduous and filled with immense pressure, making each step a struggle for Ichigo. Nevertheless, his commendable resilience and unwavering spirit drove him forward. In a remarkable scene, Bleach TYBW episode 16 featured flashbacks to the Soul King’s past, glimpsed through Ichigo’s visions. Interestingly, Ichigo’s eyes bore a striking resemblance to the Soul King’s, with four additional pupils alongside his own.

This has led to intriguing questions about whether the Soul King granted Ichigo the powers of the Almighty. The possibilities surrounding this unforeseen turn of events in the episode are boundless and leave fans eagerly anticipating the next developments.

Bleach TYBW Episode 16 Ending Explains The Soul King’s Past And Shows Ichigo’s Almighty Eyes


In the ending moments of Bleach TYBW episode 16, Ichigo Kurosaki persevered through his trial, progressing along the challenging path of Irazusando. Despite the immense pressure weighing on him, Ichigo remained determined, taking each step with unwavering resolve towards his ultimate goal.


During this journey, Ichigo was confronted by mysterious visions that seemed to narrate the past of the Soul King. The visions depicted an unknown man standing amidst incandescent arrows in the water. He held a metallic lynchpin and created whirlpools in the water, with three more whirlpools forming around him, each with its lynchpin. This enigmatic figure, believed to be the Soul King, was known as the lynchpin that upholds the worlds.

Analysis suggests that the whirlpools represent the formation of the Bleach world as a whole. The central whirlpool possibly signifies the Soul Society, while the others represent the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, and Hell.


The novel, Can’t Fear Your Own World, delves deeper into the past of the Reio/Soul King and the Original Sin committed by the Five Noble Houses. It reveals that millions of years ago, life and death existed in a singular form, leading to chaos. The birth of the Soul King brought order as he transformed hollows into reishi, allowing the circulation of souls. However, his powers also brought annihilation, akin to the Quincy.

To restore stability, the founding fathers of the Five Noble Houses decided to separate life and death, requiring the power of the Soul King as the lynchpin. They dismembered and crystallized him to ensure stability in the new world order.

Ichigo’s visions provided insight into the Soul King’s past, showing his dismemberment and crystallization as the lynchpin. Following these profound revelations Ichigo’s eyes were shown with multiple pupils, resembling the eyes of the Soul King or Yhwach with his Almighty powers.

Decoding The Almighty Eyes Of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach TYBW Episode 16


Ichigo Kurosaki’s acquisition of the Almighty powers introduces various intriguing possibilities in the context of the Bleach TYBW arc. The Almighty ability is renowned for its capacity to foresee and manipulate future events a power possessed by the omnipotent Soul King and later revealed in Yhwach. Hence, it raises questions about whether Ichigo has truly gained this formidable ability.

Several potential explanations emerge from the ending of the latest episode. One possibility is that Ichigo’s possession of Almighty-like eyes may be a consequence of the Irazusando trial. Another theory suggests that the Soul King’s reiatsu could have revealed to Ichigo the past events, creating a resemblance to the Almighty’s eyes.

However, the most compelling conjecture revolves around Ichigo potentially obtaining a fragment of the Soul King’s Almighty powers. His unique amalgamation of Soul Reaper, Hollow, and Quincy abilities makes him an ideal candidate to become the Soul King, as revealed in the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel. Ichibei even planned to designate Ichigo as the next Soul King if Yhwach emerged victorious in the TYBW arc.

The trial Ichigo underwent was not solely about his Zanpakuto but about his essence as a person. Ichibei explicitly stated that he needed to surpass being a soul reaper, and who better to do so than someone with the powers of the Soul King?

While Nimaya Ohetsu could have been an appropriate Royal Guard for refining Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, Ichibei’s role was different. He possessed the power to name all Zanpakuto, but the Irazusando trial focused on Ichigo himself, not merely his Zanpakuto.


Given his candidacy for the Soul King position. It’s highly probable that Ichigo was granted a fragment of the Almighty. The Soul King may also possess his own will, despite being crystallized and acting as a lynchpin. By selecting Ichigo as a candidate who could defy Yhwach’s ‘Almighty,’ the Soul King might aim to alter a particular future.

Though these notions are presently speculative, forthcoming episodes of Bleach TYBW are likely to unveil more about Ichigo’s newfound abilities and their significance in the unfolding narrative.


Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 16 has left fans in awe and curious. As the ending scene carries significant implications for the series’ climax. The intense battles and emotional confrontations in this episode have set the stage for the final arc’s grand finale. As viewers eagerly speculate on the aftermath of the events. The mysterious conclusion has sparked numerous theories about the characters’ fates and the fate of the Soul Society. With the anime nearing its conclusion, the excitement and anticipation among fans continue to rise.

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