Bleach TYBW: How did Uryu Survive Auswahlen

The term “Auswahlen” has resurfaced as a significant element in the storyline of Bleach TYBW part 2 – The Separation. Yhwach’s decision to designate Uryu as his successor stems from the fact that Uryu managed to survive the Auswahlen incident. This raises the question of how Uryu was able to withstand the event given his circumstances.

Auswahlen refers to an ability employed by Yhwach, which involves the redistribution of powers among Quincy individuals. Through this technique, Yhwach forcibly extracted the powers of all Impure Quincy and absorbed them for his own use. Tragically, this event resulted in the deaths of Ichigo’s and Uryu’s mothers, namely Masaki Kurosaki and Kanae Katagiri.

Bleach TYBW: Why was Ishida Uryu an exception to Auswahlen?

Auswahlen serves as a technique employed by Yhwach to reallocate Quincy’s powers from one individual to another. After Yhwach regained his full consciousness, he utilized this ability to strip all Gemischt (Impure) Quincy of their powers and absorb them into himself. Uryu Ishida, being the son of a Gemischt Quincy mother, Kanae Katagiri, and a Pure Quincy father, Ryuken Ishida, was born as a Gemischt Quincy.

However, in a mysterious turn of events, Uryu managed to survive the Auswahlen incident, defying expectations. Upon discovering this, Yhwach saw Uryu as someone with exceptional innate abilities and decided to appoint him as his successor.

The reason behind Uryu’s survival following Auswahlen has yet to be fully revealed in the Bleach manga. However, according to an interview with Mangaka Tite Kubo, the anime adaptation of Bleach TYBW will shed light on this secret. The anime has already introduced additional original scenes to set the stage for the revelation.

Ishida Uryu Survive Auswahlen

Various theories have emerged among fans regarding Uryu’s survival. One prevalent theory suggests that Uryu possesses a dormant power called “Antithesis,” which sets him apart from other Sternritter who received their Schrift powers directly from Yhwach.

As the anime continues to unfold, viewers eagerly anticipate the revelation of the true reasons behind Ishida Uryu’s resilience against the Auswahlen technique.

Fans have put forth intriguing theories regarding Ishida Uryu’s survival during Yhwach’s Auswahlen. One theory suggests that Uryu’s dormant Schrift, “Antithesis,” played a role in his survival. This ability allows him to reverse situations, so it is possible that when Yhwach unleashed Auswahlen, Uryu’s power was triggered, causing the effects of Yhwach’s ability to be reversed. As a result, some of Yhwach’s powers may have flowed into Uryu, explaining his gradual increase in strength despite being an Impure Quincy.


Another theory revolves around Uryu’s grandfather, Soken Ishida. Soken held unique beliefs among the Quincy, advocating for collaboration with the Shinigami to combat Hollows and opposing Quincy evolution, specifically Vollstandig. He fled from Wandenreich and possessed a journal containing valuable information about Yhwach.

Fans speculate that Soken Ishida may have been aware of Yhwach’s Auswahlen and made preparations to ensure Uryu’s survival. The details of what Soken did to protect his grandson remain a mystery, but it is anticipated that the anime adaptation will shed light on this aspect.

As viewers eagerly await the revelation of Uryu’s survival mechanism, they are left to ponder the possibilities, considering both the activation of his Schrift and the potential involvement of his enigmatic grandfather, Soken Ishida.


In conclusion, the survival of Uryu Ishida after the Auswahlen event in Bleach TYBW has puzzled fans for a long time. This article explores the various theories and explanations surrounding his miraculous survival, diving into the lore and intricate plot details of the series. From possible hidden abilities to strategic planning, the article sheds light on the enigma of Uryu’s survival and offers insights into the captivating world of Bleach TYBW.

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