Bleach Why Komamura Looks Like A Dog?

Bleach, part of the Shonen Big Three, boasts an extensive cast of characters meticulously crafted by Tite Kubo. Each character possesses a unique set of traits and a well-developed backstory, a challenging feat that Bleach managed to accomplish, endearing these characters to fans over the years.

Among these intriguing characters is Sajin Komamura, often regarded as one of the best-written individuals in the series. Despite being overshadowed and underrated in the earlier story arcs, the Thousand Year Blood War arc has skillfully fleshed out Komamura’s characterization, earning him well-deserved recognition.

However, for anime-only fans who haven’t seen him in action, there remains a curiosity about his appearance. The question frequently asked by anime-only fans is why Komamura resembles a dog. In Bleach, Komamura actually resembles a wolf, but due to a curse afflicting his family, he is often mistaken for a dog.

Bleach Taking A Look At Sajin Komamura And His Clan’s History


Sajin Komamura, a supporting character in the Bleach series, formerly served as the Captain of Squad 7 with Tetsuzaemon Ida as his lieutenant. His anthropomorphic appearance sets him apart from the rest of the characters in the series.

Though often mistaken for a dog, Komamura is actually an anthropomorphic werewolf, a unique and rare condition that has left him feeling deeply insecure. Being the only one with such a appearance amidst regular human-looking individuals has contributed to his feelings of isolation.

In Chapter 556 of the Bleach manga, a flashback sheds light on the reason behind Komamura’s appearance. During a conversation with the Wolfman Clan Elder, it is revealed that the clan had been cursed and punished for their past atrocities, leading them to the Beast realm. Despite the harsh conditions, they managed to survive and eventually return to the Soul Society.


The Wolfman Clan Elder disclosed a technique known as the Human Transformation Technique, allowing members of the clan to break free from the curse and revert to their original human forms from before they turned into anthropomorphic werewolves. To access this technique, Komamura had to sacrifice his heart and offer it to the Wolfman Clan Elder.

Upon presenting his heart, Komamura was warned that his life as a human would soon come to an end, and he would once again become a vengeful beast. His intense battle against Yhwach stands as one of the most significant moments in the series for any devoted Sajin Komamura fan.


The mystery surrounding Komamura’s appearance in Bleach has long intrigued fans, leaving many wondering why he looks like a dog. As the story of this unique Soul Reaper unfolds, it becomes clear that there is more to his canine-like appearance than meets the eye. Through a journey of self-discovery and unwavering loyalty, Komamura’s true nature is revealed, shedding light on the deeper meaning behind his distinctive appearance.

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