Blue Lock Chapter 232 Release Date And Time

Blue Lock chapter 232 is slated for publication on Wednesday, September 13, at midnight JST. Fortunately, there won’t be any hiatus, so eager readers can anticipate the next chapter according to the regular release schedule. To enjoy the upcoming chapter, fans can access it through Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, obtainable in both physical and digital formats.

In the preceding chapter, we witnessed Snuffy approaching Barou, urging him to take the reins of leadership for the Ubers as Snuffy had wrested control of the team from him. Meanwhile, Isagi formulated a tactical strategy alongside Hiori in the hopes of securing the decisive goal. Simultaneously, Kaiser and Ness devised their own plans to exploit any vulnerabilities that might arise, with aspirations of clinching the match-winning goal.

Blue Lock Chapter 232 Release Date And Where To Read

Blue Lock chapter 232 is titled High Evolution. The next part of the story will come out on Tuesday, September 12, for all the people who follow it from around the world. However, in Japan, individuals have the ability to access the chapter starting at midnight on Wednesday, September 13th, and read it. JST stands for the time that is used in Japan.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 7:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 12
  • Central Standard Time: 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 12
  • British Standard Time: 3:00 pm, Tuesday, September 12
  • Central European Time: 4:00 pm, Tuesday, September 12
  • Australian Central Standard Time: 12:30 a.m., Wednesday, September 13

Fans in the USA have the opportunity to enjoy the Blue Lock manga through Kodansha’s K Manga app and website. However, for readers in other countries, accessing the title might require purchasing Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, either in physical or digital form.

What Happened In Blue Lock Chapter 231


In Blue Lock chapter 231, called “Dive To Blue,” we saw Marc Snuffy being proactive by talking to Shoei Barou to guide the Ubers to win. This decision happened because Barou wanted to control the team instead of the Master Striker. Snuffy found this interesting and wanted to learn more about it. At the same time, Noel Noa made Kiyora Jin feel better by telling him that he was prepared to join in the upcoming game against Paris X Gen.

In simple words: Isagi and Hiori were talking about Meta Vision on the field. They wanted to use their combined understanding of the game to find chances and beat the Ubers. At the same time, Noa and Snuffy complimented each other’s students, saying they think Isagi and Barou have the ability to become great players and maybe even strong competitors.

At the end of the chapter, Michael Kaiser came up with a plan to score the winning goal, with some help from Alexis Ness.

Blue Lock Chapter 232: What To Expect


In Blue Lock’s 232nd chapter, entitled “High Evolution!”, it’s highly probable that Yoichi Isagi and Hiori Yo will strive to gain possession of the ball. Given that the match commenced with Michael Kaiser and Alexis Ness following Ubers’ goal, it’s likely that Isagi and Hiori might need some time to secure the ball for themselves. As a result, the forthcoming chapter could revolve around Isagi and Hiori’s field analysis as they work to seize control of the game.


In conclusion, the imminent release of Blue Lock Chapter 232 marks another step in the exciting journey of aspiring soccer players striving to become Japan’s ultimate striker. With intense training, fierce competition, and intricate character dynamics, the series continues to captivate readers. As each new chapter unfolds, fans are left eagerly awaiting the next installment to witness how the protagonists overcome challenges and grow on their quest to become the best strikers in the nation.

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