Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Part 2 of the Boruto manga, called “Two Blue Vortex,” will be available online on August 20, 2023. We are here to give you the early information that trustworthy sources have shared on social media. Spoilers and design of characters for Boruto chapter 81 have finally been released on Twitter

Furthermore, there is a whole new phase about to begin in the manga’s story. This has made fans very curious and excited to learn more.

The beginning of the comic book left us hanging in suspense – Boruto and Sasuke were seen running away from Konoha. Since then, fans have been really excited to find out about what Boruto has been through during these years. We hope that the next chapters will help to answer the questions fans have been waiting for.

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers Character Designs

Leaked details from Boruto chapter 81 provide insights into the transformed appearances of certain characters following a time skip. This includes characters like Himawari, Mitsuki, and Kawaki. Additionally, we now have a comprehensive understanding of the intricate designs of Sarada and Boruto. Specifically, young Boruto can be observed sporting a cloak reminiscent of the one worn by Sasuke within the Konoha village.

Post-time skip, Boruto’s attire markedly mirrors Sasuke’s wardrobe, featuring a sword, a headband, and a distinct belt, which collectively contribute to its intriguing nature. Notably, he is depicted clutching a necklace belonging to Himawari. Conversely, Sarada presents herself in a fresh ensemble.


The confidential insights reveal Sarada with cropped, spiky hair, rimless glasses, and Uchiha earrings. She is seen donning a loose-fitting, black jacket, as showcased in the leaked visuals. Additionally, she adorns a necklace featuring the emblem of the Haruno Clan.

In the subsequent scene, we witness Code and his subordinates launching an assault on Konoha. Despite Sarada’s efforts in taking down a considerable number of them, their persistence remains undeterred. Code emerges before Sarada, who faces him without fear. Precisely at the moment when Code attempts to coerce her into calling for help, Boruto makes his entrance, taunting him for his eerie demeanor.

News of Boruto’s arrival quickly reaches Kawaki, prompting him to swiftly head to Boruto’s location to engage in a confrontation. This indicates that the creators are efficiently advancing the plot and immediately hinting at an impending clash between Kawaki and Boruto.


With each new chapter, Boruto’s journey becomes more intricate and intriguing. Boruto Chapter 81 promises to deliver another dose of action, drama, and character development. As the story unfolds, fans can’t help but speculate about the twists and turns that lie ahead for Boruto and his companions. Stay tuned for the latest spoilers and raw scans, as the Boruto series continues to captivate readers with its evolving narrative.

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