Boruto Part 2 Release Date And Time

The Boruto manga is set for an eagerly anticipated revival in a matter of days, heralding the long-awaited time skip arc. The conclusion of Boruto Part 1 was marked by a dramatic turn of events, where the protagonist of the series, Boruto, finds himself forced into concealment after narrowly escaping Konoha. The reason behind his predicament lies in the false accusation of his father, Naruto’s, murder—a situation orchestrated by Kawaki’s sinister scheme and compounded by Eida’s enchantment. This enchantment led everyone to believe that Kawaki was Naruto’s biological child, while Boruto was an outsider.

A leak provided a tantalizing glimpse into Sarada’s appearance after the time skip, and it also verified that the upcoming manga installment will bear the title “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.” Here’s an encompassing overview of what we have gathered regarding the manga’s impending release date.

Boruto Part 2 Two Blue Vortex Release Date And Where To Read

Boruto part 2, specifically Chapter 1 (81), is set to be accessible for reading on platforms like the Shonen Jump app, Manga Plus, and Viz Media. The initial phase of Boruto concluded with Chapter 80. Within this chapter, the plot took a pivotal turn as Eida’s magical abilities manipulated those who held affection for Boruto, driving them to act against him. Although Sasuke also fell under the sway of this enchantment, his paternal affection for his daughter Sarada prevented him from disregarding her distress. Consequently, Sasuke aided Boruto’s escape from Konoha.


Furthermore, enthusiasts eagerly await glimpses of Boruto’s transformed appearance in the forthcoming issue of VJump Magazine. Anticipation also surrounds the reveal of Sarada’s evolved character depiction. In the most critical juncture of the narrative, Sarada played an instrumental role in shielding Boruto from both the villagers and Kawaki. This narrative pivot has kindled excitement among viewers to witness Sarada’s evolution from a vulnerable girl reliant on others to a self-assured individual who has dedicated years to honing her skills and abilities.


During this new narrative phase, Sarada emerges as a stalwart advocate for truth, devoid of the need to implore others for aid. Concurrently, the story will unveil Boruto’s return to Konoha, driven by a determination to exact vengeance for his losses and to teach Kawaki a lesson. Kawaki’s actions have irrevocably altered the course of Boruto’s life, casting him as a perceived adversary to those he holds most dear.

What To Expect From Boruto Part 2 Two Blue Vortex


Since its inception, Boruto has been laying the foundation for the forthcoming time skip, a notion that has lingered in readers’ minds since Kawaki’s resolute proclamation—”the era of Shinobi has ended”—in one of the earlier chapters.

As the first part concluded, the narrative effectively paved the way for the impending time skip. Kawaki’s act of sealing Naruto within an alternate realm, coupled with his cunning framing of Boruto as the perpetrator behind Naruto’s supposed demise, compelled Boruto to escape Konoha and take refuge in seclusion.

In the context of the second part, Boruto’s return is anticipated, curiously mirroring Naruto’s homecoming to the Leaf Village in Naruto Shippuden.

However, amid the tumult and ambiguity, a pivotal character emerges as the custodian of truth: Sarada Uchiha. As the leak tantalizes with a glimpse of Sarada’s fresh character depiction, her significant role within the manga becomes evident. Laden with the weight of concealed knowledge, Sarada’s journey is poised to intertwine with Boruto’s reemergence, promising a captivating and fluid exploration of her character trajectory.

As Boruto: Two Blue Vortex unfolds, enthusiasts should prepare themselves for a series of unveilings, intense clashes, and unforeseen coalitions. The time-skip ushers in a transformed shinobi realm, rife with emerging conflicts and escalated stakes. The interplay between Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada, and the remaining ensemble will undergo a reshaping, granting readers the opportunity to witness their maturation and advancement.


As the anticipation among fans continues to grow, the announcement of the release date and time for Boruto Part 2 has brought a wave of excitement. With the Naruto universe evolving in new and unexpected ways, fans can look forward to another thrilling chapter in the saga. The continuation of Boruto’s journey promises to deliver more action, mysteries, and character development, making it a highly anticipated release for anime enthusiasts.

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