Boruto Timeskip Chapter 81 Shikamaru Is The 8th Hokage

The latest release of Boruto chapter 81 has unveiled some preliminary details, sparking excitement among fans who are eagerly awaiting the revelation about Shikamaru’s potential ascension as the new Hokage, succeeding Naruto.

After a patient wait of four months, enthusiasts are now treated to upgraded portrayals of Boruto, Sarada, Kawaki, Shikamaru, and other adored characters.

However, beyond the fresh character appearances, it’s the progression of the storyline and unexpected occurrences that have captured the attention of the community. In the information that has surfaced unofficially, numerous unfolding events have generated confusion, leaving readers contemplating the origins of these developments.

Among the series of unfolding events, a particularly striking occurrence stands out: Shikamaru makes a commanding entrance, adorned in the distinctive cloak traditionally worn by Hokage. This naturally prompts the question: Could Shikamaru be genuinely poised to assume the esteemed role of the 8th Hokage?

Boruto Chapter 81 Shikamaru Is The 8th Hokage

Indeed, Shikamaru has stepped into the role of the eighth Hokage following Naruto. The initial revelations in Chapter 81 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex have confirmed Shikamaru is the 8th Hokage.

The narrative has not yet divulged the specifics of how this transition occurred, but it is reasonable to anticipate that forthcoming chapters will provide further insights into this development. Shikamaru, despite his reputation for indolence, has always been the series’ most astute character. The prospect of him succeeding Naruto might have been an unexpected twist for many.

Having observed the leadership styles of three Hokage, including Naruto, Shikamaru possesses a comprehensive understanding of the demands of this position. Having served as an advisor to some of the most brilliant leaders, he has already cultivated a grasp of adept decision-making in intricate scenarios. Furthermore, during combat scenarios, Shikamaru’s vigilance and tactical acumen allow him to meticulously analyze opponents’ actions, thereby accumulating essential intelligence before engaging in battle.

While his academic performance might not have been exceptional, his intellectual acumen shines in strategic planning. This proficiency was a key factor in earning Naruto’s unwavering trust. Additionally, Shikamaru’s current predicament involves his memory being manipulated by Eida’s enchantment, which prevents him from recognizing Boruto’s true nature. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that once Shikamaru is liberated from this spell, he will emerge as a pivotal advocate for Boruto.

Boruto Chapter 80 Recap


In Boruto chapter 80, called “What Dad Would Do. “, the story changed a lot. It starts with Eida tricking Shikamaru by saying that Boruto, who is Naruto’s son and the next Hokage, killed his own dad.

Afterward, the story focuses on Mitsuki and Sarada. Sarada convinces Mitsuki to stop chasing Boruto and instead think about getting rid of him. Shikamaru told everyone that the seventh Hokage was defeated by his own son, Boruto.

There is a lot of confusion and disorder in the land. People are sent out into the village to find Boruto. This prepares for an opportunity where Kawaki can get rid of Boruto without anyone stopping him. Boruto runs through the forest to avoid getting caught until his friends finally surround him.

Sasuke quickly goes to the forest, taking Boruto with him and leaving the village. He trusts Boruto and asks him to prove that the accusations against him are not true. Not long after that, Eida comes to where Boruto and Sasuke are, and they start talking to each other.

Code is currently seeking revenge against Boruto because he believes that Boruto is responsible for the hardships endured by Jigen, Eida, and Ishiki. The chapter ends with Boruto firmly deciding to prove that the accusations are false when he comes back to the village.


As the Boruto series progresses into its exciting time-skip era, fans are eagerly anticipating the revelations and developments that lie ahead. Chapter 81 presents a significant shift with the unexpected announcement of Shikamaru as the 8th Hokage. This surprising twist not only impacts the dynamics of the Hidden Leaf Village but also adds layers of intrigue to the story. With each chapter, Boruto continues to evolve and captivate readers with its fresh narratives and character arcs.

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