Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136, released on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, continues the storyline of Denji’s forced retirement and his subsequent disillusionment. While it is expected that Denji will eventually resume his role as Chainsaw Man, the author, Fujimoto, emphasizes Denji’s current state of depression.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 effectively portrays Denji going through the motions and struggling to accept the realities of a “normal teenage life.” Interestingly, towards the end of the chapter, there is a humorous event that brings Denji back to life, eliciting laughter from long-time fans of the series.

Overall, Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 is a welcomed addition to the series, as it delves deeper into Denji’s unique situation. Fans will witness the tangible impact that not being able to embody Chainsaw Man has on Denji’s personality and potentially even his connection with Pochita.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 Spoiler: Yoshida sets Denji up On a Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 opens with Denji returning to school after the events of the previous chapter, visibly showing signs of depression on his face. As he goes to his locker to put away his shoes, a fellow student notices his Chainsaw Man shirt and initiates a conversation about it.

The student proceeds to lecture Denji, expressing disapproval that Chainsaw Man is taking credit for Asa Mitaka’s kills. He questions Denji’s decision to wear the Chainsaw Man attire, suggesting that he is supporting a wrongdoer. Confused by these accusations, Denji seeks clarification, but another student interrupts, accusing Denji and the previous student of criticizing Chainsaw Man.

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 136, Denji is left wondering about the identities of these students when the second student unexpectedly punches him, claiming to punish him in the name of Chainsaw Man. The scene then shifts to Denji meeting with a school official who informs him that he is fortunate not to be suspended. The official implies that orphans like Denji are prone to starting fights and warns him about the consequences of further misconduct, mentioning the possibility of a “red card” resulting in suspension or worse.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 sees Denji experience the highs and lows of teenage life


Denji exits the school official’s office with a continued expression of sadness on his face, encountering Hirofumi Yoshida waiting for him. Yoshida mentions hearing about Denji’s altercation with the other student, stating that he heard the student ended up in the hospital while Denji lost a tooth. Yoshida remarks that even regular high school students can get into fights, although he confesses that he wouldn’t know since he’s unfamiliar with such experiences.

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 136, Yoshida proposes that they skip school to indulge in the typical activities of ordinary high schoolers. The two friends decide to go to a movie theater. As the scene unfolds, the panel shows a seemingly lifeless Squid Devil at the bottom of the movie screen, with Denji and Yoshida sitting in an apparently empty theater.

Yoshida remarks that their current situation isn’t particularly exciting, despite the fact that they are playing truant. Denji insists that Yoshida should refrain from talking during the movie. Yoshida counters by questioning who would complain about them, considering that everyone evacuated the theater after the Devil appeared 32 minutes ago and was subsequently defeated by the Hunters in just two minutes.


Chainsaw Man Chapter 136: Acting Out and growing up

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 136, Yoshida emphasizes his point that the world continues to exist and thrive even without Chainsaw Man, expressing that Denji is not the central character in the grand scheme of things. He asserts that the world will not come to an end if Denji ceases to be Chainsaw Man, but Denji seems to disregard this statement as he focuses his attention on the movie playing before him.

Yoshida then draws Denji’s attention to the presence of a girl standing at the end of their row, noting that she is someone from their class who expressed interest in going on a date with Denji. Yoshida leaves, encouraging Denji to impress her. However, before Yoshida departs, Denji calls out to him.

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 136, Denji poses a question to Yoshida, asking if this is what it feels like to be normal. Yoshida affirms that indeed, this is what it means to lead a normal life.


The following events unfold in Chainsaw Man Chapter 136: The girl takes a seat beside Denji, prompting him to express his current state of depression and lack of charm. He admits that there are many things he feels incapable of doing now and confesses his uncertainty about how to navigate his current situation. Denji contemplates his thoughts and admits that he simply desires solitude at the moment.

As Chainsaw Mans Chapter 136 progresses, Denji hesitates while speaking, seemingly startled by something. To his surprise, he discovers that the girl is touching his leg in a suggestive manner, looking up at him with a smile. Denji is completely caught off guard and is unable to form coherent sentences, instead emitting various sounds of surprise.


In summary, Chainsaw Mans Chapter 136 is an excellent addition to the ongoing storyline, offering a mix of humor and poignancy as it delves into Denji’s disillusionment with his post-Chainsaw Mans existence. While it hints at an eventual return to his role as the series’ protagonist, it also showcases the bittersweet nature of Denji’s life as he goes through the motions.

The chapter highlights the monotony in Denji’s current lifestyle, emphasizing the contrast between his previous exhilarating experiences as Chainsaw Mans and his present mundane existence. Although there are moments that momentarily ignite Denji’s enthusiasm, it is expected that he will soon become disillusioned once again. This recurring theme explores the fleeting nature of satisfaction and how Denji’s pursuit of physical pleasure often leaves him feeling empty in the aftermath.

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