Chainsaw Man Chapter 138 What To Expect

With a one-week hiatus interrupting the flow of Chainsaw Man, fans are eagerly speculating about what lies ahead in chapter 138 after the shocking events of the previous chapter. Only author Tatsuki Fujimoto truly knows the direction the story will take, but fans can’t help but make some educated guesses despite the chaos of the previous events.

Unfortunately, due to the series being digitally published on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ platform, consistent and accurate spoiler information is scarce and unlikely to leak before the release of Chainsaw Man chapter 138.

Nevertheless, there appear to be a few possible paths that Fujimoto might take in chapter 138, considering the current state of the series. Fans can expect to gain some insight into the true identity of Denji’s date in the upcoming issue, and there’s a possibility that by the end of the installment, her identity might be fully revealed.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 138 Tease Denji’s Enigmatic Date


In Chainsaw Man chapter 138, readers can anticipate a substantial conversation between Denji and his date before their anticipated confrontation. Given the previous chapters’ focus on action and minimal dialogue, author Fujimoto may take the story in either direction for the next release.

Nonetheless, this chapter is where readers might start to get some hints about the true identity of Denji’s date. While fans are confident that she is a Devil or Fiend of some sort, there are differing opinions within the community about which specific Devil or Fiend she could be. Some suggest she might be the reborn Violence Devil/Fiend, while others argue for her being the Rage Devil/Fiend.

Regardless, certain elements of their conversation may provide clues or even outright reveal her true identity. She could potentially disclose that she knows Denji’s real persona as Chainsaw Man, which would lay the groundwork for understanding why she’s targeting him. Furthermore, Chainsaw Man chapter 138 might unveil the possibility that Hirofumi Yoshida orchestrated the attack on Denji, possibly under the orders of higher-ups in Public Safety.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 138 Speculations

Likewise, another direction Fujimoto could take is to shift the focus to Hirofumi Yoshida before transitioning to Denji and his date’s confrontation. By delving into Yoshida’s storyline before the standoff, readers could gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation without disrupting the intensity of Denji and his date’s battle. This approach has been seen before in the Falling Devil arc when Yoshida had a conversation with Famine Devil Fami.

As a result, fans would probably receive answers to many, if not all, of the significant questions arising from recent events. This would entail learning the identity of Denji’s date and uncovering Yoshida’s hidden motives for setting him up, if any exist. It’s highly probable that Yoshida deliberately orchestrated the situation, and he might have been aware of Denji’s date’s true identity from the start.

In either case, Chainsaw Man chapter 138 could conclude with Denji and his date commencing their fight. The most likely scenario would involve her summoning assailants from throughout the karaoke building once again, overwhelming Denji with their presence as the chapter comes to an end.


As the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man Chapter 138 approaches, fans are buzzing with excitement and speculation about what the next installment will bring. With the series known for its intense action, intriguing plot twists, and unique characters, readers are eager to uncover the fate of their favorite protagonists and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Chainsaw Devil. Chapter 138 promises to be a thrilling and pivotal moment in the story, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as they eagerly await its release.

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