Chainsaw Man Chapter 139 Release Date And Time

Chainsaw Man upcoming chapter 139 release date is on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, at midnight according to Japan Standard Time. Fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the story following Sword Man’s unexpected return in the previous issue. There’s a realm of possibilities, such as the potential emergence of additional Hybrids or the intriguing prospect of Denji and Sword Man engaging in street battles.

In just a week, the next episode of Chainsaw Man will hit the scene. Yet, it appears that fans are grappling with the events from Chapter 138, aptly titled “Sword Man.” In this chapter, Denji embarked on another date, but the outcome took an unforeseen twist. The interactions between characters hold the audience’s interest, with a buzz of excitement surrounding the potential for captivating scenes in the upcoming storyline. Rest assured, we’ve got all the essential details you need to know about Chainsaw Man Chapter 139.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 139: Release Date And Where To Read


As confirmed by Viz Media, the eagerly awaited release date for the upcoming Chainsaw Man chapter is August 16, 2023. Readers can exclusively find all the manga chapters on the official platforms of Viz Media and MangaPlus. We’ll keep this section up-to-date with any further information as it becomes available.

Chapter 138 Recap


While on a date with a girl, Denji faced an unexpected attack from a man on the roadside. Surprisingly, the girl defended him instead of being frightened by the attacker, leaving Denji shocked. This led him to question if she was actually an enemy, but she denied it and continued singing a song even in the midst of the fight. It was revealed that the girl was Fumiko Mifune, his junior from Tokyo Special Division 7 for Public Safety.

Fumiko expressed her liking for Denji during their conversation. The chapter concluded with the introduction of another hero to the scene, who Denji recognized as the Sword Hybrid from the battle against Makima and Tokyo Special Division 5. However, Denji was uncertain about what exactly a Sword Man was. The upcoming chapter is expected to provide more insight into the background of this new hero. Additionally, the romantic aspect between Denji and Fumiko will continue to develop in the next part of the story.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 139:What To Expect


Chainsaw Man chapter 139 is brimming with intriguing possibilities. The chapter is likely to kick off with Denji and Sword Man’s meeting, providing a chance to delve into the reasons behind Sword Man’s approach to Denji. Fans are eager to gain insights into Sword Man’s activities following his clash with Makima.

The upcoming segment of the series holds the potential to bring joy to fans by reintroducing various character combinations from earlier segments. Beloved characters like Quanxi and Reze could possibly make a comeback, alongside other members of Special Division 5.

It’s conceivable that these amalgamated beings might unite to confront the impending Nostradamus prophecy, a pivotal aspect as the series progresses into its second phase.


Chainsaw Man fans, brace yourselves for the imminent release of Chapter 139! As the thrilling saga continues to unfold, this upcoming chapter promises more action, suspense, and jaw-dropping revelations. The anticipation among readers is at its peak, and the wait is nearly over. Get ready to dive back into the twisted world of Chainsaw Man and experience the next chapter in this gripping manga series.

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