Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 Spoilers And Raw Scans

In the preceding episode, Sword Man garnered significant attention by gaining admission to Denji’s school. Alongside this, he swiftly became a sensation among the female students. Despite his reluctance to forge new friendships, the girls persistently seek his company. In this article we’ll be discussing about Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 Spoilers.

Within the chapter, Sword Man unveils his true identity and elucidates the underlying purpose that led him to enroll in the school. These unfolding occurrences amplify the anticipation for the forthcoming chapter.

With that said, let’s not delay any further and delve directly into the content below to ascertain the release date of the enthralling chapter.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 Spoilers

Right now, there is no information about spoilers in Chainsaw Man Chapter 140. No one has shared any secrets, early information, or unedited pages from the chapter. However, we will quickly give you new information as soon as we have any. In the past, Shueisha manga leaks usually come out during the middle of the week. Because we had a break of two weeks recently, we expect that information may be made public around August 18. Remember to come back later for more updates.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 139 Recap


When Sword Man encountered Denji in Chapter 139, there was considerable uncertainty regarding his intentions. A multitude of fans speculated that he might be a negative entity returning to inflict harm upon Denji. Nevertheless, the preceding chapter shed light on two crucial revelations. Firstly, Sword Man unveiled his true identity as Miri Sugo. Secondly, he candidly shared the motivations behind his actions with Denji.

Fortunately, his intentions do not revolve around causing harm to Denji. On the contrary, his aim is to involve Denji in a significant role within the Chainsaw Man Church. Additionally, he harbors a desire to cultivate a friendship with Chainsaw Man, who is also known as Denji.

What Will Happen In Chainsaw Man Chapter 140


At the moment, the primary focus is on Denji, indicating that his involvement with the Church of Chainsaw Man will be at the forefront. Throughout this period, he might encounter unforeseen and humorous situations, presenting the possibility of a meeting with Asa if he ventures to their headquarters.

However, due to Denji’s protection by Public Safety, it’s unlikely they will simply accept this new development without taking action. A potential clash between them and the Church of Chainsaw Man might emerge, potentially compelling Denji to seek alternative pathways towards realizing his aspirations of self-determination.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that none of these scenarios are set in stone. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s storytelling is characterized by unexpected twists, leaving readers in suspense.


In conclusion, the anticipation for Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 reaches its peak as fans eagerly seek out spoilers and raw scans to catch a glimpse of the latest developments in this dark and exhilarating series. As the story enters its crucial phases, readers are on the edge of their seats, hungry for insights into the fate of characters and the progression of the intense battles. While spoilers offer tantalizing hints, they also heighten the excitement for the full chapter release, where the narrative’s true impact unfolds. With its unique blend of horror, action, and unexpected twists, Chainsaw Man continues to captivate audiences, leaving them eager to experience each new revelation.

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