Dandadan Anime: Everything We Know So Far


  • Dandadan made its official TV anime adaptation announcement on November 27, 2023, through a Twitter post.
  • Prepare for an eerie and entertaining experience with Yukinobu Tatsu’s supernatural comedy thriller, Dandadan.

The anticipation has come to an end for enthusiasts of the new-generation manga, Dandadan, as its anime adaptation has been officially confirmed after months of speculation.

Rumors about an anime adaptation for the critically acclaimed manga series, Dandadan, had been circulating for several months. The much-anticipated announcement for the series finally materialized following a leak on November 21, 2023.

Penned and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu, recognized for his contributions as an assistant on Chainsaw Man, Dandadan commenced its serialization on Shonen Jump+ in April 2021. Fast forward over two years to August 2023, the series had produced 11 volumes, sold an impressive 3.2 million copies, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news of its anime adaptation.

The prolonged wait for enthusiasts has concluded, with Dandadan’s official announcement, a teaser trailer, and the revelation of key staff members surfacing on Dandadan’s X/Twitter. Unsurprisingly, the news has swiftly become a trending topic in Japan.

Dandadan Anime Announcement

Dandadan made its official TV anime adaptation announcement on November 27, 2023, through a Twitter post. The announcement, accompanied by a key visual, confirmed that the TV anime adaptation is scheduled to air in Japan in 2024. As of now, details regarding the international release date and streaming platform remain undisclosed.

Dandadan Anime Plot

Prepare for an eerie and entertaining experience with Yukinobu Tatsu’s supernatural comedy thriller, Dandadan.

The narrative unfolds around Momo Ayase, a high school girl fixated on ghosts (with no interest in aliens), and her classmate Okarun, who firmly believes in aliens but dismisses the idea of ghosts.

In a classic case of differing perspectives – where Momo seems far from Venus – the duo decides to settle their dispute through a bet. Momo explores a UFO hotspot, while Okarun ventures into a haunted tunnel. The ensuing events weave a comical yet thrilling tale of young love, with an intriguing mix of oddly amorous aliens and ghosts.

While the official cast members for Dandadan are yet to be revealed. Key members of the creative team have been disclosed. Produced by Science Saru, Fuga Yamashira, recognized for Inu-Oh (movie), takes the directorial helm. With Hiroshi Seko handling the script and Naoyuki Onda in charge of character design. Additionally, the musical score will be composed by Japanese rock and EBM musician Kensuke Ushio, renowned for his work on Devilman Crybaby.

Dandadan Anime Trailer


An unveiling of the teaser trailer occurred on November 27, coinciding with the official announcement.

The trailer introduces the central characters. Okarun and Momo Ayase, depict a scene where an alien absconds with a crucial part of Okarun’s body. But that’s not the only highlight; the trailer also presents Momo’s grandmother wielding a whip in combat against an alien.

Filled with vibrant and vivid animation, featuring spine-chilling ghosts and formidable aliens. The 45-second teaser trailer assures audiences that a thrilling spectacle awaits.


In conclusion, the anticipation for the Dandadan anime is reaching new heights as fans eagerly await its release. The details we’ve gathered provide a glimpse into what promises to be a unique and thrilling series. With its intriguing premise, talented creative team, and the backing of esteemed studios. Dandadan has the potential to become a standout addition to the anime landscape. As more information surfaces, the excitement and curiosity surrounding this upcoming anime continue to grow.

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