Demon Slayer Will Cover Its Final Arc In Multiple Movies

The anticipation for Demon Slayer Season 5, which was believed to encompass the concluding narrative, might take a different turn as Ufotable considers producing movies instead.

Recently, the anime series Demon Slayer concluded its third season with the intriguing “Swordsmith Village arc.” Now, with Season 4 being officially confirmed, it will delve into the storyline of the “Hashira Training arc.” Nonetheless, the culmination of the narrative, the most significant and pivotal segment, is yet to be adapted into an anime.

The release schedule for Season 4 remains undisclosed at this point. Nevertheless, it has been verified that this season will incorporate concepts from both the manga and the light novel. The Hashira Training arc serves as the final segment of the storyline before the monumental confrontation against Muzan and the formidable Upper Moons.

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc Will Have Multiple Movies


The “Final Battle arc” is further divided into two distinct segments, known as the “Infinity Castle and Sunrise Countdown arc.” This particular arc stretches across an extensive 69 chapters, effectively making it the lengthiest storyline within the series. Considering the established pacing of the series, this substantial chapter count would typically translate into a coverage span of around 22 to 24 episodes.

The Mugen Train film, an undeniable global triumph, even managed to surpass the longstanding box office record held by Studio Ghibli’s renowned film, Spirited Away, which had stood for two decades. Given the remarkable success of the movie and the franchise as a whole, it wouldn’t be astonishing if the studio opts for a strategy involving the release of multiple movies in lieu of a traditional Season 5.

However, it’s worth noting that the Mugen Train arc, encompassing 13 chapters, was condensed into a single film. Consequently, a logical projection suggests the potential for at least three Demon Slayer movies to cover the expansive Infinity Castle arc (spanning 47 chapters), along with two more movies to encapsulate the content of the Sunrise Countdown arc (comprising 22 chapters).

The concept of a sequence of five consecutive canon movies introduces an innovative approach, as this approach has not been witnessed in other Shonen anime series. It’s important to acknowledge that this information stems from a reputable Twitter source, which significantly diminishes the possibility of it being mere hearsay.

What To Expect In Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc?


In the part of the story called the “Swordsmith Village Arc,” from Chapters 98 to 127, Tanjiro and his friends go to a mysterious village to fix their broken swords. They make new friends and fight tough battles against strong enemies, including powerful demons.

In this story, they pay a lot of attention to making swords. They explain the history and techniques that are really important to the Demon Slayer Corps. As this part of the story ends, it smoothly moves into the next part called the “Hashira Training Arc,” which goes from Chapter 128 to Chapter 136. During this stage, the Demon Slayers train hard with the guidance of the Hashira. Their goal is to improve their skills and get ready to fight against the evil Muzan Kibutsuji.

This intense training prepares for the upcoming “Infinity Castle Arc,” which includes Chapters 137 to 180. In this part of the story, the Demon Slayer Corps attacks Muzan’s strong and powerful Infinity Castle.


In conclusion, the news that Demon Slayer will conclude its epic journey through a series of movies has sent waves of excitement and anticipation to the fan community. As the beloved anime prepares to delve into its final arc, the decision to utilize movies offers both creators and audiences an extended canvas to explore the intricacies of the story, characters, and battles. While bidding farewell to a cherished series is bittersweet, the promise of a more in-depth and visually stunning adaptation in movie format adds an extra layer of intrigue. With its rich world-building, emotional depth, and breathtaking animation, Demon Slayer’s transition to multiple movies ensures that the tale will receive the grand finale it truly deserves.

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