Dragon Ball Daima Episode 1 Anime Details Leak

Details leak about the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima anime have surfaced, shedding light on what fans can anticipate in the inaugural episode.

Dragon Ball is making its return in anime format, but contrary to the expectations of some for a continuation of Dragon Ball Super, new details have been revealed ahead of its scheduled release in Fall 2024.

During New York Comic Con, Toei unveiled the initial trailer for Dragon Ball Daima, confirming the return of kid Goku and prompting immediate comparisons to GT. Notably, unlike GT, the series creator Akira Toriyama is actively involved, marking a significant distinction. The inception of this new anime has been a prolonged process, with over four years dedicated to its production. Presently, fresh details are circulating about Daima, with the first episode nearing completion.

Dragon Ball Daima Details Leak New Story

Dragon Ball Daima details leak

Details about Dragon Ball Daima have been revealed by Geekdom101, a DBZ YouTuber known for accurately sharing information about the anime before its official announcement.

Geekdom reports that a significant animation shift is expected early on in Daima’s first episode, with the reveal trailer showcasing much of the initial episode. The episode will reportedly commence with vintage Dragon Ball Z-style art, reminiscent of the beloved classic 90s appearance. However, it will then transition to a more modern style akin to Dragon Ball Super Broly.

According to Geekdom, two unidentified villains will cast a curse on Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and other heroes, reverting them to their child forms. The curse cannot be lifted by using the Dragon Balls since it originates from the demon realm.

EARLY Dragon Ball Daima Episode 1 Spoilers (EXCLUSIVE)

This predicament prompts Goku and the Supreme Kai to embark on the first arc of Daima, exploring new locations, encountering new characters, and seeking a method to reverse the curse. Notably, Daima will introduce a level of violence with the inclusion of blood, a departure from the relatively bloodless Dragon Ball Super, possibly influenced by the series being a streaming anime rather than a television broadcast.

Of particular interest is Geekdom’s observation that Toriyama is actively overseeing and approving the scripts for the series, ensuring that the show aligns more closely with his vision compared to the production challenges faced by Super.


The leaked details of Dragon Ball Daima Episode 1 have ignited excitement among fans, offering a sneak peek into the highly anticipated anime. As the Dragon Ball saga continues, this article delves into the leaked information, providing insights into the plot, characters, and potential surprises that await viewers in the inaugural episode. Get ready to embark on a new adventure in the Dragon Ball universe with the upcoming release of Dragon Ball Daima.

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