Dragon Ball Daima Trailer Confirms 2024 Release

At the New York Comic Con, an exciting announcement was made about a new addition to the Dragon Ball series known as Dragon Ball Daima. This news has sparked enthusiasm among Dragon Ball GT fans and the broader community.

Dragon Ball is a long-standing and beloved series that has entertained fans for numerous years. It encompasses various anime series, including Dragon Ball, DBZ, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. Additionally, the franchise has produced several movies, such as Dragon Ball Super Broly and DBS: Super Hero.

Initially, Akira Toriyama had intended to conclude the manga series with DBZ. However, owing to the franchise’s immense popularity, the author made the decision to extend the story with DBS, which continues to be released.

After Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, there was another story called Dragon Ball GT that became popular. However, when the original creator, Toriyama, came back, he said that GT did not fit into the main storyline, which made many fans sad. Great news for fans of GT. The next series is coming soon and will give you more of what you love.

Toei Animation announces Dragon Ball Daima at NYCC

Toei Animation said that there will be a new Dragon Ball Daima anime that will come out in the Fall of 2024. The new series will have a story that has never been told before in the Dragon Ball world.

Toei Animation announced that DB Daima will include some things from Dragon Ball GT. However, unlike GT, Daima is overseen by the famous writer Akira Toriyama. Additionally, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, the person who made the drawings move in Dragon Ball Z, is helping to create the characters and animation for the new TV show that has been announced.

The official statement was made with an amazing video showing well-known characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Bulma, and more. But this time, we will see these characters in a different form.

The TV show will bring in a new person who will use a special power to make Goku and the other important people in the story become children. After becoming children, Goku and his friends go on a journey through various universes to find a way to change back into their usual selves.

We currently don’t know the number of episodes that will be in Daima, and we also don’t have any information about the specific release date. Right now, we know that the anime will start showing sometime in Fall 2024. So, we should soon find out how many episodes there will be and when they will be released.


The confirmation of the Dragon Ball Daima trailer for a 2024 release has ignited excitement among fans of the iconic anime and manga series. This article has explored the significance of this announcement, offering a glimpse of what fans can expect in the upcoming Daima adaptation. As anticipation continues to build, the trailer’s release promises to be a momentous event in the world of Dragon Ball.

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