Hunter X Hunter: Will Gotoh return from the dead?

Gotoh plays a significant role in both the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series. He serves as a loyal butler to the esteemed Zoldyck Family, known for their expertise in the assassination, including members like Zeno Zoldyck and Silva Zoldyck. Gotoh’s mastery lies in martial arts, complemented by his Nen abilities, specifically in the Enhancement category. His devotion to the Zoldyck Family remains unwavering throughout the series.

Regrettably, Gotoh’s character meets a tragic fate during the seventh arc of Hunter x Hunter, known as the 13th Hunter Association Chairman Election arc. While accompanying Killua and Alluka to the hospital, he falls victim to Hisoka’s treacherous actions and is ultimately killed. This turn of events has left fans speculating about the possibility of Gotoh miraculously returning from the dead. However, the likelihood of such a comeback appears grim and unlikely.

Gotoh may not return from the dead in Hunter x Hunter

No, according to the Hunter x Hunter manga, Gotoh does not return from the dead. After the events involving the Hunter x Hunter series’ Chairman Election and Gon’s treatment, Canary and Amane visit Gotoh’s resting place. It becomes evident that Kiriko’s son has been impersonating Gotoh.

This incident implies that the Zoldyck family enlisted Kiriko’s help to conceal Gotoh’s death from Killua and Alluka. Consequently, this revelation may disappoint fans who had hoped for Gotoh’s revival, as it suggests that his story has likely come to its final chapter.

Gotoh during the Zoldyck Family arc

Gotoh made his first appearance in the Hunter x Hunter series during the Zoldyck Family arc. Upon Gon and the group’s arrival at the Zoldyck compound, Zebero contacted Killua to inform him about his friends’ visit. However, Gotoh intercepted the call and dismissed their requests, stating that Killua had no friends.

This enraged Gon, who attempted to reason with Gotoh in order to gain entry into the Zoldyck Estate, but Gotoh refused, expressing concern for Killua’s safety. A few days later, the group arrived at the Testing Gate and managed to enter the compound after successfully opening one of the gates. After overcoming Canary, Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika finally encountered Gotoh.

Gotoh sat down and engaged them in a game to pass the time until Killua returned. Once Killua arrived and reunited with the group, they prepared to depart. Before leaving, Gon asked Gotoh if he would miss Killua, to which Gotoh claimed he would not.

However, Gon saw through his lie and called him out as a liar before taking his leave. Just before their departure, Gotoh asked Gon to play one final game with him, which ultimately ended in the protagonist’s defeat. Gotoh then imparted a valuable lesson to Gon, teaching him that appearances can be deceiving, and entrusted him with taking good care of Killua.

Gotoh during the 13th Hunter Association Chairman Election arc

Gotoh’s presence in the Hunter x Hunter anime was briefly mentioned during the Heaven’s Arena arc and the Yorknew City arc. However, his significant involvement came during the 13th Hunter Association Chairman Election arc.

During this arc, Killua took Alluka out of the Zoldyck Estate and encountered Gotoh, who informed him about the Level 4 restrictions placed on him for taking Alluka outside. Gotoh then took on the responsibility of accompanying Killua and Alluka to the hospital, where Gon was undergoing treatment.

Hisoka vs Gotoh | Hunter X Hunter

While en route, they were unexpectedly attacked by controlled drivers in a couple of cars, manipulated by Illumi. The car they were in veered off a cliff, but miraculously, everyone emerged unharmed. Killua activated his Godspeed ability and rushed to reach Gon. Meanwhile, Gotoh, Amane, and Canary attempted to pursue Killua, but they were confronted by Hisoka. Gotoh asked Canary and Amane to proceed ahead while he confronted Hisoka alone.

A fierce battle ensued between Gotoh and Hisoka, with both demonstrating great power. However, tragedy struck when Hisoka ended up killing Gotoh. This devastating event not only left a void within the hearts of the Zoldyck family but also deeply affected fans of the series. As a result, Gotoh’s death signifies his permanent departure from the series.

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