Is Garp Going To Die In One Piece?

In One Piece chapter 1088, a dramatic moment unfolds as Monkey D. Garp valiantly sacrifices himself to protect Koby and the young marines from Kuzan’s ice blade. In the aftermath, newspaper headlines the following day declare the disappearance of the legendary hero Garp at Hachinosu.

As a result of this event, readers are left uncertain about Vice Admiral Garp’s fate. The newspaper report mentions his disappearance but does not explicitly confirm whether he is dead or alive. This ambiguity has sparked numerous fan theories supporting the possibility of his survival.

The Ultimate Fate Of Garp is “Unknown” Following One Piece Chapter 1088


In One Piece chapter 1088, Garp makes a courageous sacrifice to allow Koby and the other marines to escape from Hachinosu. He reassures Koby that they can handle the situation on their own and emphasizes that they are the future of the Marines as they depart.

The chapter concludes with a powerful scene where Garp is seen lying on the ground, with an ice blade piercing his chest, inflicted by his former student, Kuzan. Despite the dire situation, Garp maintains a smile while ice freezes around him, and Kuzan stands motionless.

Fans have presented various theories regarding Garp’s fate. Some speculate that Kuzan used his Ice Time Capsule technique to freeze Garp in time, preventing him from bleeding out and preserving his body. This theory aligns with Kuzan’s previous use of the technique against Jaguar D. Saul on Ohara.

While the outcome remains unconfirmed, many fans believe that Garp’s survival is probable due to his significance as a major character. Some speculate that Oda may be setting up a significant conflict, similar to when Ace was captured by Blackbeard, with Garp’s capture as a major trigger for a new war.

Monkey D. Garp’s Future In One Piece


As Luffy holds the title of the Fifth Emperor of the Sea and commands a formidable Grand Fleet, the Blackbeard Pirates may see Garp’s capture as a valuable bargaining chip. This could lead to negotiations with the World Government to establish Hachinosu as an officially recognized pirate nation. Additionally, Blackbeard could use Garp to coerce Luffy into surrendering his knowledge of Poneglyphs.

On the other hand, another theory suggests that Kuzan might have genuinely killed Garp to gain the trust of the Blackbeard Pirates. Some fans believe that Kuzan is a member of SWORD, a covert organization, and his actions could be part of a larger strategy to spy on Teach and his allies. The act of killing a former mentor could be a way for Kuzan to demonstrate his loyalty.

Overall, the fate of Garp remains uncertain, and these intriguing theories leave fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story in One Piece.


The fate of Garp in One Piece has been a topic of speculation and concern among fans. As a legendary figure and a key player in the series, his potential demise would have a significant impact on the story and the emotions of viewers. While the manga hints at possible dangers he might face, the ultimate outcome remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the unfolding events in the world of One Piece.

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