Jujutsu Kaisen 237 Spoilers And Raw Scans Confirm Gojo’s Death

The manga made fans very sad about Gojo’s death. Here is when Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 237 will come out and there might be some clues about what happens in the story. In this article we’ll be discussing about Jujutsu Kaisen 237 Spoilers and Raw Scans.

The latest installment of Jujutsu Kaisen has recently concluded a fierce battle involving its mightiest characters, tragically resulting in Gojo’s violent demise. It’s an unexpected turn, as the once-declared most formidable sorcerer meets his end in the subsequent part of the narrative.

In a poignant scene, Gojo encounters not only Geto but also his other departed comrades. He openly acknowledges Sukuna’s superiority and even expresses contentment in being bested by the immensely powerful Sukuna. Bid farewell to his companions, and the narrative transitions to the real world, where Gojo’s lifeless body lies on the ground. Sukuna proceeds to elucidate the capabilities of Mahoraga.

This chapter has stirred considerable debate among fans, with many still holding out hope for Gojo’s return. Additionally, we observe Kashimo swiftly stepping into the fray against Sukuna. For more insights, delve deeper to discover the release date of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 and potential spoilers and raw scans.

Jujutsu Kaisen 237 Spoilers And Raw Scans


Jujutsu Kaisen 237 may start with the battle between Hajime Kashimo and Sukuna. Kashimo is very strong, no question about it. However, compared to Sukuna and Gojo, he still has a long way to go. Kashimo can only have a chance against Sukuna if Sukuna’s Reversed Cursed Technique is not working well.

In the latest part, Sukuna’s arm is still gone, so he got hurt a lot in the last battle. It seems like
the beloved character Gojo might die in a sad way, according to the clues. Reversed Cursed Technique can fix very bad injuries, but it has never been able to bring someone back to life.

Also, in the recent chapter, we might not have seen how other characters reacted, but now we might be able to. In simpler terms, Gojo’s death is a big surprise to the Jujutsu community, and we understand that his students will be really sad.

However, as long as Sukuna remains standing, sorcerers will find themselves obligated to keep sending fighters until he is finally defeated. We will let you know more about the next chapter when we have more information.

Jujutsu Kaisen 237 Spoilers Confirm Gojo’s Death For Now


In more straightforward terms, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 237 spoilers reveal a surprising twist that sheds light on Gojo’s demise, indicating that it wasn’t an unjust outcome.

In this remarkable chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo’s death turns out to be less spectacular than anticipated. While in chapter 235, he seemed on the verge of victory, the latest installment witnesses an abrupt and unexpected defeat. Adding to the intrigue, his death transpires off-screen, making it somewhat challenging to grasp.

Amidst widespread speculation that the mightiest sorcerer of all time might make a return, chapter 237 spoilers dash these hopes. Gojo’s departure appears final, as it’s impossible to resurrect someone, even in Jujutsu’s mystical realm, once they’ve been bisected.

Nonetheless, the recent spoilers offer insights into Gojo’s demise by illustrating the true extent of Sukuna’s power. The Cursed King proudly upholds his title, proving that Gojo was simply outmatched.

In Chapter 236, Gojo conceded that Sukuna’s might surpassed his own. Despite his best efforts, the King of Curses remained an insurmountable adversary. Gojo further acknowledged that Sukuna would have emerged victorious even without Megumi’s technique.

Throughout the battle, Sukuna displayed no signs of restraint. At times, it seemed they were evenly matched, with Gojo securing victory in one phase and Sukuna in another. Sukuna attempted to unleash his unique power, which proved relatively ineffective. Consequently, he turned to Mahoraga for assistance.

The ultimate assault, it turns out, was largely the result of Mahoraga’s power rather than Sukuna’s own abilities – a revelation consistent with at least one of Gojo’s statements, as per the Jujutsu chapter 237 spoilers.

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Jujutsu Kaisen 237 Release Date and Time


Jujutsu Kaisen 237 is scheduled for release on October 1, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST. Following its release in Japan, the chapter will promptly become available in various time zones around the world. Below are the timings for different time zones:

  • 8:00 am Pacific Time
  • 11:00 am Eastern Time
  • 4:00 pm British Time
  • 5:00 pm European Time
  • 8:30 pm Indian Time
  • 11:00 pm Philippine Time


In conclusion, the release of spoilers and raw scans for Jujutsu Kaisen 237 has left fans eager and intrigued. As the story unfolds, it continues to deliver intense battles, intricate character development, and deeper insights into the world of curses and sorcery. With every chapter, Jujutsu Kaisen proves its status as a must-read manga with its compelling narrative and stunning artwork. As readers eagerly await the official release, the anticipation for the next chapter is at an all-time high.

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