Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release Date and What To Expect

The release date for Kagurabachi Chapter 14 has been scheduled to feature in Weekly Shonen Jump 55, published by Shueisha, and is set to be available on Monday, December 18, 2023, at 12 am JST in Japan. Manga enthusiasts can anticipate accessing the chapter on various platforms, including Viz Media, MangaPlus, and other online platforms affiliated with Shueisha.

In the previous installment of Kagurabachi, Chapter 14, Genichi Sojo found himself in a confrontation, brandishing his Cloud Gouger blade against the formidable five elite members of Kamunabi. Employing Chihiro’s strategic approach, the Kamunabi successfully and comprehensively defeated Sojo. Additionally, the chapter explored Chihiro Rokuhira’s quest to unveil the actual whereabouts of Char. Join us as we delve into our guide on the Kagurabachi Chapter 14 release date and what to anticipate from this upcoming chapter.

Kagurabachi Chapter 14: Release Date and Where To Read

As of now, there has been no indication of a scheduled hiatus for the upcoming chapter release. According to the timeline provided by Viz Media, the next installment is set to be unveiled within the upcoming week. Consequently, Kagurabachi Chapter 14 is slated for release on December 17, 2023. Readers can exclusively access all manga chapters on the official pages of Viz Media. Stay tuned, as we will promptly update this section with additional information as it becomes available.

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Pacific Standard TimeSunday, December 178 AM
Eastern Standard TimeSunday, December 1711 AM
Greenwich Mean TimeSunday, December 173 PM
Central European TimeSunday, December 174 PM
Indian Standard TimeSunday, December 178:30 PM
Philippine Standard TimeSunday, December 1711 PM
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, December 1812 AM
Australian Central Standard TimeMonday, December 1812:30 AM

Kagurabachi Chapter 13 Recap

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release date 1

The title of Kagurabachi Chapter 13 was “Elite.” The chapter commences with Genichi Sojo closely observing the Kamunabi members, eager for a challenging confrontation with Shiba and Azami. Expressing a desire to test his blade, Sojo anticipates a face-off with the elite duo. To minimize collateral damage, an elite Kamunabi member ingeniously creates an aerial platform made of stones.

The storyline delves into flashback sequences featuring Chihiro Rokuhira, who educates the squad about the Enchanted Blade, Cloud Gouger, and its three unique abilities—Water, Ice, and Lightning. A strategic plan is devised to counter Sojo’s formidable move, “Charge,” and prevent succumbing to its potency.

Following Chihiro’s guidance, Kamunabi members launch consecutive attacks on Sojo, successfully thwarting his attempts to unleash the powerful “Charge.” In a surprising twist, Sojo combines Water and Lightning to unleash a devastating area-of-effect attack. Anticipating this move, the Kamunabi squad adeptly counters the assault, showcasing their tactical prowess.

Beyond the intense battle between Sojo and Kamunabi, the chapter unfolds with Chihiro discovering Char’s actual location within the hideout. Armed with valuable information, he learns about a guarded lab beneath the surface where powerful sorcerers protect the captive girl. Reflecting on his father’s words about the Enchanted Blades breaking theoretical limits, the chapter concludes with a double-spread page featuring both Sojo and Chihiro. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for the latest updates on this unfolding storyline.

What To Expect From Kagurabachi Chapter 14

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release Date

In the upcoming chapter, fans can anticipate witnessing the aftermath of a significant downfall. Sojo’s defeat and Chihiro’s revelation regarding Char’s whereabouts may prompt a strategic shift for Kamunabi. Empowered by this newfound information, Chihiro might formulate a plan to infiltrate the heavily guarded laboratory and rescue Char. The manga could delve into the potential clash between Kamunabi and the sorcerers safeguarding Char, providing a test for the elite squad as they face formidable magical adversaries.

Moreover, with Sojo seemingly vanquished, there could be far-reaching consequences within the criminal underworld, potentially instigating power struggles or the emergence of new adversaries. The storyline might explore Chihiro’s ongoing development, symbolized by the removal of his bandages, signifying his evolving capabilities. Overall, the forthcoming Kagurabachi chapter is poised to unfold with a combination of intense action, strategic plotting, and character growth.

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