Kagurabachi Chapter 2 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Following an exhilarating introduction in its initial chapter, fans were eagerly anticipating a deeper exploration of Chihiro Rokuhira’s background in Kagurabachi Chapter 2. As a result, the recent chapter spoilers have revealed significant revelations regarding Chihiro and his father, Kunishige Rokuhira. The next installment of Kagurabachi is set to be released on Monday, September 25, 2023, at midnight in Japan, as part of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s 43rd issue.

In the previous chapter, readers were introduced to the series’ protagonist and given a glimpse into his extraordinary magical abilities. It was unveiled that he possesses the final Katana forged by his father, Kunishige Rokuhira. Additionally, the chapter sheds light on the main character’s mission to locate a specific group of magic users responsible for his father’s death.

Kagurabachi has quickly gained substantial attention within just one week of its debut in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. The series has garnered both dedicated fans and critical acclaim ahead of its release. Some enthusiasts have even started drawing comparisons between Kagurabachi and well-known manga titles like Bleach, Boruto, and One Piece.

Furthermore, since its first chapter was published on Manga Plus, this dark fantasy manga targeted at young boys has surpassed popular manga series such as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Black Clover, Dragon Ball Super, and Spy X Family in terms of viewership.

Kagurabachi Chapter 2 Spoilers And Raw Scans: Chihiro’s past

Based on the spoilers, Kagurabachi chapter 2 brings the readers back in time to show what happened three years ago. It is found out that Rokuhira’s Blacksmith Forgery and the House were kept safe and hidden by a barrier made by Shiba. If something happened, he would have been able to find out.

On that day, Shiba quickly went to Rokuhira’s location, but was disappointed to see that it was ruined. He was very surprised to see Chihiro, who is 15 years old, holding his father’s lifeless body. It seems that Kunishige Rokuhira created special swords called Mystic Katanas and made six of them during the War. After the War ended, he collected those six Katanas and secretly kept them hidden under his workshop.

Chihiro said that three evil magic users went into their home and took those six swords. In a memory, Kunishige told his child that each of the six Katanas had special powers. Chihiro cried a lot when he thought about the times he spent with his father. He promised himself that he would find and punish the people who killed his father.


It has been leaked that in Kagurabachi chapter 2, Chihiro has the seventh special sword made by his dad called the Mystic Katana. Kunishige spent a long time making that sword, and he kept it safe with his own life. Chihiro comes back to the present and realizes that he still doesn’t know all the details about the Hishaku group and the stolen Katanas.

He wanted to find the Katanas fast, thinking about how they could still be used for harm. A very interesting scene shows Chihiro looking at his sword while two goldfish are swimming around it. According to the information that has been revealed, in Kagurabachi chapter 2.

Kagurabachi Chapter 2: Rokuhira’s Dark Fate


Based on the early information about Kagurabachi Chapter 2, Shiba saves the person who was captured by the Yakuza boss in the first chapter. Afterwards, Shiba asks about who is in charge of the group. At the same time, Chihiro pointed his sword at the sorcerers and promised to defeat each one of them, no matter how strong they were.

Before the leader of the Yakuza could reply, another magic user said a secret chant that made him turn into a tree. Chihiro and Shiba quickly run away from the confusing place after seeing something unusual. He will also show his ability to teleport during the process.

After that, the chapter will go back in time to show us a past event. In this event, we learn that Chihiro and his father, Kunishige, lived in a house that was kept safe by a barrier made by Shiba using his magical abilities. But one day, Shiba goes to his friend’s house and sees that his friend is dead. His friend’s 15-year-old son is crying next to him.


In conclusion, the release of spoilers and raw scans for Kagurabachi Chapter 2 has left readers eager for the next installment of this intriguing manga series. Building on the foundation of its debut chapter, Chapter 2 promises to dive deeper into the world of music, combat, and the mysterious Kagurabachi. With each new revelation, readers can expect more insights into the characters and the unique narrative that blends music and battle. Kagurabachi is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the manga scene, and fans eagerly await the full chapter’s release.

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