Kingdom 4th Live-Action Movie Drops Release Date and Teaser

The immensely popular series Kingdom is gearing up for its 4th live-action movie, and a newly unveiled teaser provides an intriguing glimpse. The anticipation is high, especially considering the success of the third film, which secured the top spot during its opening weekend in July 2023.

The upcoming installment, titled Kingdom: Daishougun no Kikan (or Kingdom: The Return of the Great General), is based on Yasuhisa Hara’s manga and will cover the Shi Ka arc and the Battle of Bayou. Scheduled for release in Japan next year, the film has concluded its filming, prompting exciting updates for eager fans. This article delves into all the essential details, including the release date and the unveiling of a “super” teaser.

Kingdom 4th Live-Action Movie Release Date

The premiere date for the fourth Kingdom live-action film is set for July 12, 2024, in Japan.

The announcement of the fourth film’s production was made during a greeting event for the third film on September 12. Exactly three months later, in December, the official website for the upcoming live-action film disclosed its release date. Additionally, a 50-second teaser trailer was unveiled, featuring a key visual showcasing General Wang Qi wielding a formidable guandao, an ancient pole weapon.

Kingdom 4th Live-Action Movie Plot

Kingdom 4th Live-Action Movie

The upcoming film will delve into the Shi Ka arc and the Battle of Bayou from the manga. Notably, this marks the initial instance where Shin and Wang Qi join forces on the battlefield to repel a northern invasion by Zhao.

This narrative arc, constituting the 6th storyline in the manga, spans chapters 108 to 173.

Kingdom’s 4th Live-Action Movie Cast

Director Shinsuke Sato is set to return for his role, continuing his involvement from all three previous films. Yasuhisa Hara, along with Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who previously contributed to the script for the live-action Black Butler, is back to pen the screenplay. Additionally, the primary cast members are confirmed to reprise their roles.

The official cast lineup is as follows:

  • Kento Yamazaki as Shin
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Yin Zheng
  • Takao Osawa as Wang Qi
  • Kanna Hashimoto as He Liao Diao
  • Nana Seino as Kyo Kai
  • Hiroshi Tamaki as Sho Hei Kun
  • Koichi Sato as Lu Buwei
  • Anne Watanabe as Shi Ka
  • Kataoka Ainosuke as Fuu Ki
  • Koji Yamamoto as Zhao Zhuang
  • Yuki Yamada as Wan Ji
  • Eri Murakawa as Yu Ri
  • Hinako Sakurai as Dong Mei

Kingdom live-action’s “super” teaser

The official website of the live-action film released a 50-second teaser trailer on December 12, showcasing thrilling action sequences and intense political scenarios. You can view the trailer below.

【ついに天下の大将軍が動きだす―】映画『キングダム 大将軍の帰還』スーパーティザーPV|2024年7月12日(金)公開

As of now, there is no available international release date for the upcoming live-action film. Rest assured, we will provide updates as soon as this information becomes available.


In conclusion, the unveiling of the release date and teaser for Kingdom 4th Live-Action Movie is met with anticipation and excitement from fans. The guide’s conclusion reflects on the significance of this announcement, hinting at the cinematic experience that awaits audiences. As the live-action adaptation continues to capture the essence of the beloved series, the conclusion encourages fans to mark the release date on their calendars and prepare for an epic journey in the Kingdom cinematic universe.

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