Minato Manga Leaks Confirms About “Yellow Flash Of The Leaf”

On July 17, 2023, the manga adaptation of Naruto: Minato is scheduled for publication. The manga panels for the same, though, have been leaked online ahead of the manga’s global publication, giving fans a sneak peek at what to anticipate from the next one-shot manga. In this article we’ll be discussing about Minato Manga Leaks.

The Fourth Hokage will have a one-shot manga written by the series mangaka Masashi Kishimoto as a result of Minato Namikaze winning the NARUTOP99 Worldwide Character Popularity Poll. The story will be based on the protagonist’s jutsu, according to the manga’s basic premise, which has only been made known thus far.

Minato manga leaks confirm him as one of Naruto’s strongest and most fearsome shinobi


Naruto fans worldwide are buzzing with excitement about the latest Minato manga leaks, which provide a glimpse into the earlier days of the eventual Fourth Hokage’s life under Jiraiya’s guidance. These leaks feature Minato engaging in intense battles against the Four-Tails, Son Goku, and the Five-Tails, Kokuo, alongside their respective Jinchuriki of that era.


Notably, the Jinchurikis themselves appear to exhibit apprehension and a touch of fear when confronted by Minato, as depicted in the close-up panel capturing their expressions. Additionally, there are scenes of Minato facing off against the Nine-Tails, Kurama, as it unleashes its destructive power through its host, Kushina Uzumaki. While Minato sustains significant injuries during the encounter, these leaks reveal his triumphant victory and successful containment of the Nine-Tails.

The leaked pages offer an exciting glimpse into Minato’s formidable skills and courage, leaving fans eager to explore the full extent of his legendary exploits in the upcoming Minato manga.


The recent leaks from the Minato manga also unveil a third and final page, although it presents a more perplexing scene compared to the previous two. In this concluding page, it seems that Minato is engaged in a test involving the Rasengan and a Tailed Beast Bomb, potentially originating from Kurama, the Nine-Tails. This assumption gains support from the presence of spirit chains, which have been previously observed in Naruto during the process of restraining Kurama. The implications of this intriguing encounter leave fans eager to uncover the full context and significance in the upcoming Minato manga.

Konoha’s Yellow Flash


The Manga leaks not only reaffirm but also delve deeper into the reasons why Minato stands as one of the strongest and most feared Shinobi within the current series canon. Alongside these exhilarating accomplishments, Minato has garnered a formidable reputation as a deadly ninja during the Third Shinobi World War and as the Fourth Hokage.

Although not depicted in the Minato manga leaks materials thus far, it is worth noting his teleportation jutsu, recognized as one of the most potent techniques in the entire series. This ability solidified Minato’s status as the fastest Shinobi of his time, earning him the moniker “Konoha’s Yellow Flash.” His swift appearances behind enemy lines and devastating attacks became the stuff of legends.

The Minato manga is scheduled for release in the 33rd issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, slated for Monday, July 17, 2023. While no official digital releases have been confirmed, it is anticipated that Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app and their MANGA Plus service will host the one-shot. If this speculation holds true, the issue is expected to be available at 12 am Japanese Standard Time on Monday.


The thrilling leaked Minato manga is used in this article to confirm the famous “Yellow Flash of the Leaf”. Fans of the Naruto series will be thrilled at the opportunity to discover more about the famed Minato Namikaze and his exceptional abilities. The piracy manga not only shows Minato’s impact on the Naruto world, but it also clarifies the importance of the Yellow Flash.

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