My Hero Academia Chapter 399 Spoilers And Raw Scans

The official My Hero Academia chapter 399 is slated for release in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 39 on Monday, September 3, at 12 AM JST. My Hero Academia chapter 399 was initially anticipated to provide the climax of All Might’s showdown with AFO. However, recent spoilers unveiled today indicate that the upcoming chapter will also shift its focus to a student who has been absent from the story for a considerable duration.

The previous chapter primarily illuminated All Might’s encounter with Nana and the motivations behind his aspiration to become her disciple. Considering the spoilers for the forthcoming chapter, there’s a palpable sense of the challenges All Might will confront in his battle against the antagonist AFO.

Additionally, the upcoming chapter will mark the return of Aoyama, who has been missing from the narrative for an extended period.

While fans were eagerly expecting a gratifying resolution to the conflict between All Might and AFO, the early spoilers suggest that the conclusion won’t arrive anytime soon.

My Hero Academia Chapter 399 Spoilers


The 399th chapter of My Hero Academia is titled “A.C. Powered Lamp” and commences with a scene where All For One demolishes a building. Meanwhile, All Might utilizes his tentacles, which grant him adhesive capabilities to cling to walls and enhance his maneuverability.

As All Might strategizes his next course of action, he discerns that to overcome All For One, he must harness the quirk possessed by that particular student. Consequently, he beseeches the mechanical birds to provide him with an object to hurl at All For One. The antagonist makes his entrance, admonishing All Might’s attempt at escape after laughing, and swiftly enshrouds the vicinity with inky tendrils.

In an effort to evade All For One’s assault, All Might ascend skyward, only to encounter a creature with two mouths. All Might retort that the situation does not appear to be a mere exertion of minimal force. All For One retorts that he has yet to unleash his full might. Subsequently, All For One’s bipedal dragon embarks on a pursuit of All Might.

All For One jests at All Might’s expense, depicting him as a frail elderly man devoid of personal powers, wholly reliant on quirks bestowed upon him by his students. He further asserts his intent to execute All Might before the global audience, simultaneously severing All Might’s tentacles with his tendrils. In a bid to evade the impending strike, All Might maneuvers evasively, but All For One inflicts a forceful blow that results in him coughing up blood.

All Might The “Symbol Of Peace”


Despite enduring grievous injuries, All Might manage to insert the shoto cannon into All For One’s mouth. He goes on to emphasize that whenever someone is consumed by darkness, another individual inevitably emerges to take their place and bring an end to the darkness. The spoilers then shift focus to Aoyama, who emerges as the sole survivor amidst the confrontation, as Kuneida has vanquished all others in battle.

Aoyama endeavors to strike at Kuneida, only to be met with Kuneida’s revelation that his seeds thrive upon human flesh to grow. Fat Gum reveals that the blossoms within Kuneida’s body siphon nutrients, incapacitating victims’ use of their quirks. Following this revelation, Aoyama collapses, and Kuneida elaborates on a chain reaction that follows the blooming of a flower.

One of the flowers seizes Aoyama’s belt and delivers it to Kuneida, who proceeds to mock Aoyama’s existence. A sudden surge of memories about his parents prompts Aoyama to activate his quirk, unleashing a barrage of lasers that blanket the surroundings. Yet, none of these lasers make contact with Kuneida. Hagakure makes an unexpected appearance, redirecting the lasers toward their intended target.

Subsequently, the narrative returns to All Might, where he expresses that his students have bestowed upon him the opportunity to once again dispel the darkness. He asserts his belief that his end is not imminent. The scene shifts again, depicting the robotic birds delivering the remains of Hercules and unleashing lasers upon All For One.


In conclusion, the release of spoilers and raw scans for My Hero Academia Chapter 399 offers fans an early glimpse into the ongoing struggles and developments of the series’ characters. As the stakes continue to rise and the battles intensify, these leaks provide insights into the evolving dynamics, challenges, and character growth that await readers. While spoilers heighten anticipation, they also showcase the dedication of fans who eagerly seek every tidbit of information. As the chapter’s full release approaches, fans are poised to experience the complete impact of these leaked revelations.

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