My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Chapter 403 of My Hero Academia was poised to depict All Might’s demise. However, fresh revelations today indicate that All Might’s life endures, and a character who had long been absent has resurfaced to assist in the battle against One for All. This forthcoming chapter is scheduled for release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 46, set to hit the shelves on October 16th at 12 AM JST.

In the preceding chapter, All For One (AFO) arrived at U.A. and made an attempt to absorb Shigaraki into his own body. Yet, Shigaraki remained steadfast, refusing to yield. This prompted AFO’s direct intervention, as he aligned himself with Shigaraki to confront Midoriya. Despite his injuries, All Might chose to thwart the villainous AFO by making a self-sacrificial explosion. Consequently, the vestiges of All Might that remained within One for All vanished a development that prompted Deku’s heightened awareness.

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers

The upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 403, as per the spoilers, bears the title “The Conclusion of an Era and the Dawn of a New Beginning.”

This chapter commences by delving into a memory from All Might’s ordinary childhood, reflecting his deep affection for Anpanman comics. Although specific recollections elude him, the conviction that the path he embarked upon held profound significance remains steadfast. In the present day, All For One (AFO) shatters All Might’s distinctive glove, harnessing Stain’s powers to render him immobile.

Recognizing that even wounded heroes can pose a threat, AFO remains vigilant post-All Might’s injury. Gentle Criminal, aiming to extend his aid at U.A., sets forth. The floating island becomes a focal point as AFO fires at it, diverting attention. American Jets commit to rescuing Star and Stripe’s legacy, but AFO swiftly obliterates them.


Admiral Agpar, Tsukauchi, and Deku grapple with profound despondency, their hope waning. Across the globe, observers bear witness to the unfolding battle. While a select few continue to rally behind All Might, others have withdrawn their support. Mellissa Shield and Gran Torino, their hearts heavy, witness the unfolding events on their screens.

As worry consumes Deku and Tsukauchi yearns for assistance, a tremendous explosion rips through the distance. Katsuki Bakugo emerges in the distance, his form besmirched with blood, yet he stands resolutely, clutching his All Might Card. Locked in a tearful embrace, Deku and Bakugo exchange poignant glances, emanating relief.

This chapter of My Hero Academia, chapter 403, boasts a vibrant cover page at the outset. Additionally, it heralds the commencement of the 9th popularity poll, inviting fans to cast their votes for their beloved characters. Furthermore, it discloses a slight delay in the release of Volume 39’s cover. The manga proudly graces the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump’s 46th issue, featuring an assertive and formidable Deku. It is confirmed that the manga will maintain its publication schedule without a break in the forthcoming week.


The buzz surrounding My Hero Academia Chapter 403 is at its peak as fans eagerly await the next installment of this acclaimed manga series. This article has provided valuable insights into the potential spoilers and raw scans, offering readers a sneak peek into the developments of the upcoming chapter. As the heroes and villains continue their intense clashes and the story unfolds, fans can anticipate more thrilling twists and revelations.

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