Naruto 20th Anniversary Anime Has Been Postponed

The anticipated 20th-anniversary special for Naruto, a beloved favorite among many, was initially set to grace television screens this September. However, fans will need to exercise an extra dose of patience as the release of these special episodes has encountered a delay.

Naruto holds a distinctive place in the hearts of anime enthusiasts due to its vintage animation style, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Despite the show’s classic animation, it has managed to amass a devoted global following, boasting a fanbase numbering in the millions. For those who consider themselves true aficionados of anime, experiencing Naruto is practically a rite of passage.

Moreover, Naruto resonates profoundly with young individuals, as he deviates from the typical mold of anime protagonists. With his multitude of flaws, Naruto stands as a representation of the archetypal underdog who defies the odds and surmounts challenges on his journey to the pinnacle of success.

Given this backdrop, Naruto enthusiasts were met with astonishment at the announcement of a special series to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Regrettably, this excitement has been momentarily tempered as the studio has opted to postpone the release of the series.

Naruto 20th Anniversary Episodes Postponed Because Of Overall Quality Enhancement

Hailing from studio Pierrot, the release of the four episodes planned for its 20th-anniversary commemoration has encountered a delay, all driven by the creators’ dedication to upholding top-notch quality. Their intention is to present an extraordinary viewing experience to the dedicated fanbase of the series.

This shift in the timeline aims to offer an enhanced series, providing ample reason for fans to exercise a bit more patience. Furthermore, the unveiling of a new release date remains pending, kept under wraps for now.


It’s been over six years since the Naruto series bid its farewell, leaving a void that even his appearances in Boruto’s journey couldn’t completely fill. The fervent fandom of Naruto undoubtedly yearns to witness him once again in his iconic role. With the news of the ninja’s imminent return to the screens, enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the series’ launch.

Undoubtedly, the news of the delay might bring a tinge of disappointment, but fans find solace in the assurance that when the four episodes do eventually debut, they will be treated to nothing short of excellence in quality.

As of now, neither a first look nor a trailer for the special series has been unveiled, leaving open the possibility that the revelation of the new episodes’ release date might coincide with the emergence of an enticing teaser trailer.

完全新作PV “ROAD OF NARUTO” | アニメ『NARUTO-ナルト-』20周年記念 | studioぴえろ【公式】


In conclusion, the postponement of the Naruto 20th Anniversary anime is undoubtedly disappointing news for fans who were eagerly anticipating the celebration of this iconic series. While unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to delays, the significance of Naruto’s 20th anniversary remains unchanged. As fans patiently await the eventual release of the anniversary content, this delay serves as a reminder of the enduring impact and enduring popularity of the Naruto franchise.

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