Naruto All The Filler Episodes In The Anime You Can Skip

Naruto stands as an exceptional shonen anime and manga series, having attained a remarkable degree of success that only a select few can rival. Despite its widespread global admiration, there exist certain critiques pertaining to specific aspects of the series.

A prevailing grievance among the fan base revolves around the abundance of Naruto filler episodes. While the inclusion of filler content becomes understandable during instances when the anime needs to align with the manga’s progress, the Naruto series seems to encompass an excessive number of such filler episodes. As a result, we have curated a comprehensive compilation of filler episodes that viewers can opt to skip during their engagement with the series.

Naruto Filler Episodes That Can Be Skip


Before we start discussing the list of episodes, it’s important to note that some of the extra episodes are actually fun to watch, and many fans choose to watch all of them. However, these extra parts of the story usually don’t have a big effect on the main plot, so you can skip them if you want when watching the series.

The Naruto series that started in 2002 has many episodes that are not part of the main story. These episodes are called filler episodes. Also, we have stated if a certain episode that is not relevant to the main storyline can be avoided or not. However, you don’t have to watch all of the filler episodes if you don’t want to. So, if you have enough time, it might be a good idea to check out these episodes. They show the fun and playful side of our favorite characters. Here is a list of fillers as follows:

  • Recap of the First 25 Episodes 26
  • Attempting to Recover Tsunade’s Debt 97
  • Trying to Discover Kakashi’s Face 101
  • Land Of Tea Escort Mission 102-106
  • Land Of Rice Fields Investigation Mission 136-141
  • Mizuki Tracking Mission 142-147
  • Bikochu Search Mission 148-151
  • Kurosuki Family Removal Mission 152-157
  • Gosunkugi Capture Mission 159, 160
  • Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission 162-167
  • Kaima Capture Mission 169-173
  • Daimyo Heir Escort Mission 174
  • Buried Gold Excavation Mission 175, 176
  • Stopping The Courier Ninja 177
  • Star Guard Mission 178-183
  • Kiba, Naruto, and Shino One-Off Episodes 184-186
  • Peddlers Escort Mission 187-191
  • Ino’s Princess Disguise Mission 192
  • Rock Lee’s Dojo Challenge 193
  • Daimyo’s Wife Search Mission 194
  • Third Great Beast Arc 195, 196
  • Konoha Plans Recapture Mission 197-201
  • Recap of Top Five Battles 202
  • Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission 203-207
  • Prized Artifact Escort Mission 208
  • Gantetsu Escort Mission 209-212
  • Menma Memory Search Mission 213-215
  • Sunagakure Support Mission 216-220

What Naruto Fillers Can I Skip?

From a certain perspective, all the filler episodes within the Naruto anime series can be readily omitted. Yet, if you’re looking to pass the time, they certainly offer an option for viewing. However, a subset of these episodes has garnered favor among fans, making them potentially worth exploring if time is not a constraint. These segments provide an opportunity to witness the endearing and idiosyncratic facets of our cherished characters.

Why Does Naruto Have So Many Fillers?

In order to maintain the time lag between the anime and the ongoing manga storyline, the animation studio created these filler episodes, similar to the approach taken by many other anime series. And some quality content development for the anime series led to some filler episodes. These are the primary rationale behind the abundance of filler episodes in Naruto.

Naruto Filler Episodes Guide


We’ve compiled an extensive assortment of Naruto episodes that deviate from the main plotline. Despite its status as a premier anime series, we recommend prioritizing the episodes that align with the manga’s narrative before delving into the supplementary episodes or storylines. The decision to indulge in filler episodes varies according to individual preferences. Our filler guide aims to assist you in selecting which additional narratives to include in your viewing, much like our Boruto supplementary stories guide.


In conclusion, identifying the filler episodes in the Naruto anime provides viewers with the opportunity to streamline their viewing experience while still enjoying the core narrative. Filler episodes, while offering additional content, can sometimes disrupt the pacing of the story. By knowing which episodes are non-essential to the main plot, fans can focus on the essential arcs that drive Naruto’s journey and character development. This approach allows for a more engaging and coherent viewing experience for both newcomers and those revisiting the series.

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