New Overlord Movie Confirms 2024 Premiere

On Monday, January 1, 2024, a special New Year program was broadcasted on Tokyo MX, officially announcing that the upcoming Overlord Movie: The Holy Kingdom is scheduled to premiere in 2024. The event featured a teaser trailer showcasing the popular character Demiurge.

Despite the absence of specific details regarding the additional cast and staff for the anime feature film, excitement surrounding the movie has reached significant levels. It’s noteworthy that the production of this movie was officially confirmed on May 8, 2021, concurrently with the announcement of Season 4.

While the TV anime released its episodes in 2022, no subsequent information about the movie’s progress had been disclosed until now. The recent confirmation has finally put an end to all speculations regarding the anticipated release window for the movie.

Special Illustration Of Overlord

Overlord has been diligently working on its return with an upcoming movie, and the anime series has officially confirmed that the movie is set for release in 2024! Following the conclusion of the third season, it was announced that Overlord would be making a comeback with both a fourth season of the TV anime and a new feature film adaptation. Although the fourth season concluded in 2022, updates on the movie have been scarce. However, with the advent of the new year, there is a promising development for the franchise in the upcoming months.

In a special New Year’s Day program in Japan for 2024, Overlord disclosed that the new movie is currently in progress and is slated for release later this year. Adapting the Holy Kingdom arc from Kugane Maruyama and so-bin’s original light novels, the new movie has not yet divulged any further details about its premiere, including any potential plans for an international release. Nevertheless, a special illustration commemorating Overlord in 2024 is available for fans to explore.

About Overlord Movie

Overlord Movie: The Holy Kingdom

Initially announced to be in development in 2021, Overlord has not yet confirmed details such as a release date, staff members, or the potential involvement of returning or new voice cast members at the time of writing. However, a confirmed aspect is that the movie will be an adaptation of the Holy Kingdom arc, which unfolds after the events of Season 4 and corresponds to Volume 12 of the original light novels.

For those interested in delving into the novels ahead of Overlord’s movie debut, Yen Press has obtained the license for an English language release of Volume 12 in the series. Described as Overlord: Holy Kingdom Arc, the narrative unfolds in the Sacred Kingdom, which has experienced years of peace safeguarded by a colossal wall erected after a tragic historical event. Recognizing the fragility of peace, the leaders of the Sacred Kingdom find themselves inadequately defended when the formidable demon Jaldabaoth leads a united army of monstrous tribes onto the battlefield. Faced with the imminent threat to the country’s existence, the devout are compelled to seek assistance wherever possible, even if it means breaking taboos and negotiating with the undead king of the Nation of Darkness.

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