One Piece: 5 Devil fruits that went to the wrong character

One of the most thrilling aspects of encountering new characters in One Piece is discovering their unique powers and abilities, particularly those obtained through the consumption of Devil Fruits. Author Eiichiro Oda meticulously and purposefully decides on these abilities, but there are instances in the story where the matchups between specific Fruits and users can be rather frustrating.

While Oda clearly intended these pairings to occur in the narrative of One Piece, some of them feel incongruous, deviating from the Fruit’s established history, or even appearing accidentally within the series.

While not applicable to every Devil Fruit, there are several notable examples that stand out. Here are five instances in One Piece where the Devil Fruits seem to have been given to the wrong character, as well as five cases where the pairing feels perfectly suited and harmonious.

One Piece Devil fruits went to the wrong character

1) Gum-Gum Fruit

At present, it remains uncertain whether Shanks, the mastermind behind the story of One Piece, intentionally intended to give Luffy the Gum-Gum Fruit. However, the narrative suggests that it was more of a fortuitous occurrence.

It is likely that Luffy never initially intended to consume the Gum-Gum Fruit, and Shanks may have been the one meant to carry forward the wills of Roger and Joy Boy.

This speculation aligns with the timing of Shanks being in the East Blue just before embarking on a Grand Line journey that eventually led him to become a Yonko. Consequently, all indications point to Luffy accidentally acquiring his Devil Fruit, based on the current information available.

2) Dark-Dark Fruit

In reality, Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was not originally intended to consume the Dark-Dark Fruit. He resorted to murdering his fellow crewmate, Thatch, in order to obtain the Fruit from him. The rules on Whitebeard’s ship dictated that whoever finds a Fruit has the first claim to it.

Aware that this particular Fruit was the object of his lifelong search, Blackbeard cold-bloodedly killed Thatch to seize it for himself.

Consequently, the Dark-Dark Fruit was never meant to come into Blackbeard’s possession, and he eventually employed its powers for his own nefarious purposes. The trajectory of One Piece’s story would undoubtedly have been significantly different if it weren’t for Blackbeard’s treacherous actions prior to the events of the series.

3) Tremor-Tremor Fruit

Blackbeard never intended to acquire the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, which previously belonged to the deceased Whitebeard. The precise method by which Teach managed to possess two Devil Fruits remains undisclosed, contradicting the consistent information provided in the series regarding the mysterious nature of these fruits.

Consequently, he was never meant to wield the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, and his ability to do so was likely facilitated by his possession of the Dark-Dark Fruit, which he was also not intended to have. It is intriguing to note that Blackbeard is the only character known to possess two Devil Fruits, despite the fact that neither of them was originally destined to be his.

4) Soul-Soul Fruit


The Soul-Soul Fruit possessed by Big Mom is another instance in One Piece where a Devil Fruit ended up in the possession of someone unintended. In Yonko’s backstory, it is implied that during one of her episodes of intense hunger, she became frenzied and ended up consuming her friends and family, including Mother Caramel.

Mother Caramel was the original user of the Fruit, and it was through this unfortunate incident that Big Mom acquired the powers of the Fruit. However, it is evident that this was not the intended outcome or the way Mother Caramel envisioned her interaction with the future Yonko to unfold. Hence, Big Mom was never truly meant to be the wielder of the Soul-Soul Fruit.

5) Slow-Slow Fruit


The mismatch between Foxy and the Slow-Slow Fruit is primarily attributed to the fruit’s improper utilization by the least-favored captain. Despite its inherent potential to be one of the most formidable and advantageous Devil Fruits in the One Piece series, Foxy squanders its abilities on tedious Davy Back games.

This frustrating detail further accentuates the dislike for the character, particularly considering his involvement in an unpopular arc. Consequently, this pairing of the Slow-Slow Fruit and its user stands out as one of the most exasperating instances in the series, representing arguably the most unfavorable combination of its kind.

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