One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers and Scans

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, One Piece chapter 1087 full description purportedly leaked, providing fans with exciting details about the upcoming chapter. These hints may not be verified until Shueisha releases the issue, but since they originate from a reliable source, they give the alleged events more credence.

Readers may anticipate a gripping chapter that wraps up Eiichiro Oda’s medical leave of absence if the rumoured spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1087 are true. Although the chapter doesn’t return to Egghead Island, it more than makes up for it with an interesting series of events taking place on Hachinosu Island.

Additionally, according to the alleged spoilers, Chapter 1087 will reportedly shed light on Garp and Kuzan’s relationship by going back in time to when they were both pupils and professors before Garp was injured by Blackbeard Pirates. Although Garp’s fate is still uncertain at the end of the chapter, readers who are eagerly awaiting Chapter 1088 could be curious about how he is faring.

One Piece Chapter 1087 expands on Garp and Kuzan’s relationship

In One Piece Chapter 1087, according to alleged spoilers, the focus shifts to Marine Base G-1, where Commodore Brannew shows Lieutenant Commanders Jango and Fullbody the remains of two massive battleships. These battleships, known as “battleship bags,” were used by Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp and former Admiral Aokiji as punching bags. It is revealed that Garp and Aokiji had a special rule to refrain from using Haki or special abilities during these training sessions. The destruction inflicted on the ships solely relied on their natural strength, without any additional powers or abilities.

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The story then transitions to Hachinosu, where Garp is still engaged in a battle against the Blackbeard Pirates. In this chapter, Sanjuan Wolf is thrown into the sea by Garp and starts to drown, prompting the Blackbeard Pirates’ low-ranking members to attempt a rescue. Since Sanjuan Wolf is a Devil Fruit user, his ability to swim is compromised. Meanwhile, Vasco Shot launches an attack called “Heavy Drinker: Furnace Flame” against Garp, but Garp manages to block the attack by utilizing the bodies of defeated Blackbeard Pirates fodder.

Garp vs Kuzan Intesnse Fight in One Piece Chapter 1087


n the latest installment, One Piece Chapter 1087, Garp proceeds to hurl the defeated bodies across the town, causing significant destruction in the process. He dubs this maneuver “Pirate Fireballs.” Meanwhile, it is revealed that SWORD’s ship is ferrying its members and the prisoners from Hachinosu away from the island. Garp, Koby, and Grus are left to face the entire island on their own. Grus questions whether Garp is the future of the Marines, but Garp appears not to hear the inquiry.

As the events unfold, Kuzan rises after enduring Garp’s Blue Hole attack. Garp instructs Koby and Grus to escape while he confronts the forces of the island single-handedly. While Koby rushes to aid a woman being attacked by a pirate, he soon discovers that she is actually a pirate herself. In a surprise turn of events, the hidden Shiryu appears and attempts to stab Koby. Fortunately, Garp intervenes just in time, taking the blade in his own chest instead. Garp seizes Shiryu and throws him to the ground, prompting an injured Shiryu to burst into laughter. Although Koby expresses remorse, Garp reveals that he was Shiryu’s true target all along.

Now weakened by the attack, Garp finds himself surrounded by the Blackbeard Pirates, all eager to claim the bounty on his head. Garp’s bounty of 3 billion Beri, equivalent to that of an Admiral, proves to be a tempting prize for the notorious crew.

Blackbeard Pirates Injures Garp As He Fights off Kuzan


In One Piece Chapter 1087, the story delves into a flashback depicting the initial encounter between Garp and Kuzan. Although the exact time frame is not specified, Garp appears considerably younger, suggesting that it occurred long before Gol D. Roger’s execution. A youthful Kuzan approaches Garp and expresses his desire to become his disciple. However, Garp dismisses him, advising Kuzan to undergo training with the Marine instructors instead.

Undeterred, Kuzan refuses to follow Garp’s suggestion and decides to emulate him by punching the battleships. Within a few days, Kuzan’s punches become so powerful that they resonate with the same intensity as Garp’s. This draws Garp closer to Kuzan, leading to conversations about Dragon’s revolutionary activities and Luffy’s ambition to become a pirate.

Kuzan stares at Garp and wonders if their earlier conversation is still relevant in the present timeframe of One Piece Chapter 1087 spoilers. After the flashback is through, the focus returns to the present day. Kuzan uses the Ice Glove method to cover his hand in ice. Haki-infused strikes delivered by Garp and Kuzan result in a huge explosion that pushes them both.

Black lightning bolts are said to have been seen by spectators when the two sides fight, suggesting that Garp may have used his Conqueror’s Haki at that precise moment. Nevertheless, Avalo Pizarro uses his Devil Fruit powers to control the island and create two enormous arms. He starts to destroy SWORD’s spacecraft while Garp is still hurt and on the ground. But Garp urges Koby not to worry, saying that justice will win out in the end.

A new Advanced Conqueror’s Haki user?

After surviving Garp’s devastating Blue Hole strike in One Piece Chapter 1087, Kuzan recovered and picked up the fight with the veteran Marine. Shiryu, a violent villain, stabbed Garp during their conflict. The chapter included a touching flashback that reminded readers of Garp and Kuzan’s shared history as master and student.

In their early days, without the aid of Devil Fruit abilities or Haki, Garp put Kuzan through arduous and remarkable training that included utilising enormous warships as punching bags. Kuzan used a move known as Ice Glove to fortify his hand before striking his former instructor to increase the difficulty of the challenge. Garp fired a retaliation punch with his own fist in return.

Both of them were knocked backward by the enormous explosion that ensued from their collision. One Piece devotees began to wonder if Kuzan used Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, like his former master Garp, as enormous black lightning bolts surged around them.

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