One Piece Episode 0 Strong World Will be Released On Youtube

Released in Japan at the end of April 2010, One Piece Episode 0 is the vivified transposition of Chapter 0, an uncommon installment set two decades sometime recently the beginning of Monkey D. Luffy’s enterprise. It was made to clarify the circumstances around the occasions that appeared within the motion picture One Piece: Strong World Episode 0.

Being an OVA, the One Piece Episode was never broadcast just like the standard anime scenes. Fortunately, it has presently been declared that on October 13, 2023, the One Piece Episode 0 will be released on the franchise’s official YouTube channel. In this way, fans are enthusiastic to discover all the substances highlighted in this notorious OVA.

The Events Of One Piece Episode 0


The One Piece Episode 0 kicks off with a depiction of the middle-aged Monkey D. Garp embarking on a journey to the New World to confront his longtime adversary Gol D. Roger. Simultaneously, Roger and his crew were engaged in a confrontation with the formidable fleet of “Golden Lion” Shiki.

Shiki extended an offer to Roger to join forces, but Roger declined the proposal. A sudden storm during the clash inflicted severe damage on Shiki’s armada. Subsequently, the Roger Pirates achieved a resounding victory over the Golden Lion Pirates, and this event went down in history as the Battle of Edd War.


Several years later, the Roger Pirates, who had reached Laugh Tale and uncovered the One Piece treasure, disbanded. Roger voluntarily turned himself in to the Marines, and his execution was scheduled to take place in Rogue Town, located in the East Blue.

During this time, an enraged Shiki launched an attack on Marineford, prompting Garp and Sengoku to engage him in battle. Together, they overpowered Shiki, who stood no chance against their combined might. A week later, Roger met his end through execution.

Prior to his demise, Roger revealed that the One Piece treasure was still up for grabs for anyone who could discover it. Inspired by his words, countless individuals set sail in search of this treasure, marking the onset of the Great Piracy Era.

In Rogue Town, where Roger’s execution was scheduled, numerous young figures who would go on to play significant roles in the years to come were present. Among them were Monkey D. Dragon, Dracule Mihawk, Shanks, Buggy, Smoker, Donquixote Doflamingo, and Gecko Moria. Their appearances and reactions were shown in full detail.

Conversely, Crocodile was only visible from behind. One Piece Episode 0 then shifts its focus to portray the activities of various characters from different parts of the world at the time of the Pirate King’s execution.


In Baterilla, Portgas D. Rouge awaited the birth of her son, Portgas D. Ace. Meanwhile, on Little Garden, Dorry and Brogy continued their epic duel. In Guanhao, the CP9 training ground, Rob Lucci, Blueno, Jabra, Fukuro, and Kumadori were seen earnestly honing their skills.

Boa Hancock informed her sisters in Amazon Lily that only the strongest were fit to become pirates. Other characters featured included Nefertari Cobra, Oimo, Kashii, Tonjit, Mont Blanc Cricket, and Duval.

Two years later, Shiki managed to escape from Impel Down, where he had been imprisoned after his defeat by Garp and Sengoku. To secure his freedom, Shiki was compelled to amputate his own legs, which he subsequently replaced with his swords, Oto and Kogarashi.


In Dawn Island, Garp was seen visiting a baby Ace. Shimotsuki Village, Koushirou expressed his hopes of being succeeded by his son but was instead blessed with a daughter, Kuina. In Syrup Village, Shanks was on the quest to locate Yasopp, while Merry began designing a ship.

The episode further showcased various characters, including Bell-mère, Zeff, Kureha, Hiriluk, Dalton, Nico Robin, Gaimon, Tom, Crocus, Laboon, Brook, Hatchan, and Silvers Rayleigh. Shiki approached Whitebeard on the Moby Dick. Whitebeard’s ship, and invited him to join forces, but his proposition was met with a stern refusal.

Sometime later, on a Grand Line island named Merveille, Shiki met with his second-in-command. Dr. Indigo, informed him that their plan would require twenty years of preparation. One Piece Episode 0 concluded with the “Golden Lion” vowing to use this time to demonstrate what it means to be a true pirate.

The release of One Piece Episode 0 underlines the continued success and popularity of the franchise. Bolstered by the live-action adaptation and the forthcoming Monsters animation. As well as the rich backstory of the legendary swordsman Ryuma Shimotsuki, who is a forebear of Roronoa Zoro. Fans of the series have every reason to be delighted.


The release of One Piece Episode 0: Strong World on YouTube is a significant moment for fans of the beloved anime series. This article has highlighted the excitement and importance of this event. Allowing viewers to enjoy the epic tale of Luffy and his crew’s adventures. As this special episode becomes accessible on YouTube. It provides an opportunity for fans to revisit and relive the grandeur of the One Piece world.

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