One Piece episode 1069: Luffy vs Kaido

One Piece Episode 1069 premiered over the weekend, delivering an unexpected and dramatic conclusion to the battle between Luffy and Kaido. As fans grapple with the aftermath of this intense clash, many are still processing the shocking interference of CP0’s Guernica, which ensured Kaido’s victory.

While the focus understandably lies on Luffy’s apparent defeat after receiving a devastating blow from Kaido, there is also keen interest in understanding Guernica’s motives. As previously explained prior to episode 1069, Guernica’s actions were directly ordered by the Gorosei, despite his own reservations about interfering in the fight, as it posed a risk to his own life.

While fans are primarily absorbed in the current state of affairs on Onigashima and within the Luffy vs. Kaido confrontation, they also yearn to comprehend the reasoning behind Gorosei’s orders to Guernica. Although it is clear that the orders originated from Gorosei, many fans are questioning the exact motives behind their decision following the events of One Piece episode 1069.

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One Piece Episode 1069: Gorosei’s Reasons for Ordering Guernica


Before the events of One Piece episode 1069, the Gorosei engaged in a discussion about the cursed nature of the Reverie that year. They recognized the urgency of the situation unfolding in Onigashima, referring to the significant ongoing events beyond Wano, of which anime-only viewers are not yet aware.

To provide a brief and non-spoiler summary, the events at the Reverie sparked revolutions across several islands and kingdoms, setting the stage for potential uprisings. Additionally, the defeat of both Big Mom and Kaido by the emerging Worst Generation in Wano could further fuel revolutionary sentiments. Naturally, these developments became a significant concern for Gorosei.

This concern prompted Gorosei to instruct Guernica to interfere in Luffy and Kaido’s fight, as depicted in One Piece episode 1069. However, there is likely a secondary reason for their decision, which was hinted at earlier in the Wano Arc. As avid fans may recall, the Gorosei were seen discussing a specific Devil Fruit that was currently in play during the Onigashima Raid, speculating that its Awakening would be a monumental event.


It is highly probable that Gorosei’s mention of an Awakening during their discussion refers to Luffy’s Gum-Gum Fruit. This assumption is supported by the fact that Law and Kid have already demonstrated their Awakenings in the Wano Arc. Considering this, it seems logical for Luffy to also awaken his Devil Fruit abilities during his fight against Kaido. However, it is important to note that this speculation does not guarantee that Luffy will indeed awaken his Devil Fruit.

When considering both arguments together, it becomes evident why Gorosei wanted Guernica to ensure Luffy’s defeat, as depicted in One Piece episode 1069. Ensuring Luffy’s defeat and maintaining the current balance of power in the world aligns with Gorosei’s best interests.


In the highly anticipated One Piece Episode 1069, fans are treated to an epic showdown as Luffy faces off against the formidable Kaido. This climactic battle marks a pivotal moment in the series, raising questions about Luffy’s strength and determination. With intense action, emotional depth, and unexpected twists, Episode 1069 delivers an unforgettable clash between two powerful forces in the world of One Piece.

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