One Piece: Luffy Defeat Kaido with Bajrang Gun Technique

In One Piece, Luffy achieves a remarkable victory over Kaido, and this accomplishment is attributed to his utilization of the potent Bajrang Gun technique, which stands as his most formidable move thus far.

Defeating Kaido has proven to be the most formidable challenge Luffy has ever faced. From the outset, the odds were stacked against him, but the future Pirate King consistently demonstrates his knack for transforming the seemingly impossible into a reality. The key to Luffy’s resounding victory over Kaido lies in his devil fruit awakening.

With his acquisition of the powers of the Sun God Nika, Luffy gains the ability to have not only the attributes of a Paramecia-type devil fruit but also a Zoan-type fruit. The outcome is striking, as Luffy effortlessly outmatches the formidable King of the Beasts.

Episode 1076 is a standout episode for various reasons, encompassing striking visual elements and Luffy’s deployment of his most formidable technique. The central focus of this episode undoubtedly revolves around the awe-inspiring Bajrang Gun Technique, an attack that, as of now, remains unparalleled in terms of sheer power in the manga. For a comprehensive understanding of Luffy’s Bajrang Gun in One Piece, delve further into the details.

Luffy Gear 5 Bajrang Gun Technique in One Piece


Bajrang Gun stands as the fifth iteration of Luffy’s Gear technique in One Piece and serves as a remarkable evolution of the Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun. To date, no other technique in Luffy’s arsenal matches the sheer might of this attack. The term “Bajrang” draws from the name of the Hindu Monkey God Hanuman, who may have potentially influenced Sun Wukong, the renowned Monkey King in Chinese mythology.

The utilization of the Bajrang Gun technique involves Luffy inflating his fist to a colossal size akin to Onihashima. Prior to releasing the attack, he imbues it with both advanced-grade Armament and Conqueror’s Haki. The magnitude of the fist is so immense that it dwarfs even the formidable dragon form of Kaido, making it appear diminutive in comparison.

The source of this extraordinary ability lies in Luffy’s devil fruit awakening, formally known as the Hito Hito no Mi, Mythical Type: Model Nika. This awakening significantly enhances Luffy’s rubber-like properties, granting him the capacity to effortlessly inflate his entire body and attain gigantic proportions.

Upon transforming into Gear 5, Luffy rapidly and decisively overcame Kaido, causing a visible chasm in the ground that mirrored the shape of the dragon and sending Kaido plummeting deep underground into a magma chamber. This outcome parallels the fate of Oden, who met a heroic demise by burning. In Kaido’s case, his fall to the magma chamber serves as a fitting retribution for his deeds.


The idea of Luffy defeating Kaido with the Bajrang Gun technique in One Piece has sparked excitement among fans, adding to the anticipation of upcoming chapters. While the outcome remains uncertain, the possibility of such a significant battle highlights the ever-evolving world of One Piece. This article has explored the theory, offering readers a taste of the excitement and intrigue surrounding this potential showdown.

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