One Piece Why is Sabo called Flame Emperor

In the recent installments of One Piece, the focus shifted toward Sabo’s flashback, which delved into the significant events of the Reverie. As the adoptive brother of Luffy and Ace, Sabo holds a prominent position as Monkey D. Dragon’s trusted ally and serves as the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army.

Following the conclusion of the Reverie, Sabo gained widespread recognition and earned the renowned title of the “Flame Emperor.” This epithet sparked considerable anticipation among One Piece fans, who held high hopes for his formidable combat skills. However, much to their disappointment, these expectations were ultimately left unfulfilled.

One Piece fans are calling Sabo an overrated character “Flame Emperor” hype

Born and raised in the Goa Kingdom of East Blue, Sabo embarked on a daring escapade at the age of ten, driven by his aspirations of becoming a pirate and chronicling his thrilling exploits in a book. His journey led him to the Grey Terminal, an expansive wasteland situated beyond the bustling capital city of Goa, where he encountered and formed a deep bond with Portgas D. Ace, who shared the same ambitions.

In due course, their dynamic trio expanded with the inclusion of Monkey D. Luffy. United by their shared dreams, the three young adventurers embraced a nomadic lifestyle, embarking on countless exhilarating escapades together. However, Sabo’s desire for further exploration eventually prompted him to venture out on his own, setting sail towards new horizons.

Following the harrowing incident that robbed him of his recollections, Sabo embarked on a new chapter of his life under the tutelage of Monkey D. Dragon, dedicating himself to the cause of the Revolutionary Army. As the years unfolded, Sabo honed his combat prowess, ascending to the esteemed position of Dragon’s trusted lieutenant and assuming the role of the organization’s second-in-command.

The devastating loss of his dear comrade Ace during the tumultuous events of the Paramount War served as a turning point for Sabo. With the restoration of his memories, he found himself burdened with the weight of Ace’s legacy. Fate smiled upon him when he obtained the reborn Flame-Flame Fruit, inheriting the fiery abilities that were once wielded by his fallen brother. Furthermore, destiny orchestrated a long-awaited reunion, bringing Sabo back into the fold of Luffy’s life.

In a subsequent turn of events, Sabo, accompanied by his comrades Morley, Karasu, and Lindbergh, launched a daring assault on Mary Geoise, the sacred abode of the revered Celestial Dragons. This audacious raid took place amidst the Reverie, a gathering of world leaders convened by the World Government, adding an additional layer of complexity and intrigue to their audacious endeavor.

One Piece Sabo Flame Emperor


The Revolutionary Army’s objectives encompassed an ambitious plan to wage war against the formidable World Government. Their strategy involved not only targeting the Holy Land’s vital food reserves in preparation for the impending conflict but also rescuing their former ally Bartholomew Kuma and liberating other enslaved individuals subjected to the oppressive rule of the Celestial Dragons.

Against all odds, Sabo and his comrades achieved their mission, successfully freeing Kuma and accomplishing their other critical objectives within the confines of Mary Geoise. However, a grave accusation awaited Sabo upon their escape. He was unjustly accused of murdering Nefertari Cobra, the esteemed ruler of Arabasta, with a damning photograph depicting him standing over the lifeless body of the monarch.

Speculation among fans ran rampant as news outlets reported the Revolutionaries engaging in fierce clashes with the formidable Marine Admirals Fujitora and Ryogyoku. Many believed that Sabo’s newly acquired title, the “Flame Emperor,” was earned through awe-inspiring displays of prowess against these two high-ranking naval officers. However, these assumptions proved to be unfounded and far from the truth.

Sabo didn’t become the “Flame Emperor” for his strength


Recent chapters of One Piece have dispelled the misconception surrounding Sabo’s “Flame Emperor” alias, revealing that it has no correlation with his actual strength. This misunderstanding arose when some readers wrongly assumed that Sabo engaged in a deadly battle with Fujitora and Ryogyoku, ultimately emerging as the dominant force in the confrontation.

In truth, Sabo not only failed to exhibit any remarkable displays of power against the Admirals but also did not directly face them in combat. Instead, his fellow revolutionaries skillfully kept Fujitora and Ryogyoku occupied, taking advantage of their restrained abilities within the confines of Mary Geoise.

Sabo, on the other hand, took on a different task. He embarked on a covert mission to infiltrate the Pangaea Castle, aiming to secure the keys necessary to release Kuma and the other enslaved individuals. During this operation, his adversaries consisted solely of ordinary soldiers, whom he easily overcame.

Subsequently, Sabo discreetly ventured into the Phantom Room of the castle, where he inadvertently overheard a significant conversation involving Nefertari Cobra, the Five Elders, and the enigmatic figure known as Imu-sama.


In a climactic moment, as the World Government leaders inflicted harm upon Cobra, Sabo emerged from his concealment and launched an assault using his Devil Fruit abilities. Despite unleashing his powerful Fire Fist attack, the Five Elders remained unaffected, displaying their resilience. Astonishingly, Imu underwent a transformation, assuming a colossal form and consuming Sabo’s fiery onslaught.

In response, the Five Elders themselves underwent a foreboding transformation, turning into menacing beings. Amidst the chaos, Sabo desperately sought to protect Cobra and flee from the imminent danger. Tragically, two shadowy arrows found their mark, piercing both Sabo and Cobra and inflicting severe wounds upon them.

With the threat of their six formidable adversaries closing in, Cobra summoned his last reserve of strength, selflessly sacrificing himself to shield Sabo from impending doom.

Final Verdict

While Sabo’s combat prowess may have been underwhelming compared to the expectations surrounding him, his role in the overall plot of One Piece remains significant. His recent flashback provided valuable insights into the events that unfolded during the Reverie, granting readers essential knowledge and understanding.

Sabo’s journey took an unexpected turn beyond the Reverie, as his escape plan to the Lulusia Kingdom inadvertently entangled him in its complete destruction. Utilizing a weapon devised by Vegapunk, Imu orchestrated the utter annihilation of Lulusia, wiping it off the map entirely.

Fortunately, Sabo managed to survive the catastrophe. Although he was not physically present on Lulusia itself, he was aboard a ship situated in the vicinity of the island. Upon relaying the harrowing details of the incident to Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov, Sabo may have set the stage for the eventual revelation of Imu’s existence to the wider world of One Piece.

This pivotal moment has the potential to expose the World Government’s hypocritical tyranny once and for all. However, Sabo must exercise caution as he finds himself in a precarious position. Being a highly inconvenient witness, he is relentlessly pursued by the Holy Knights, who pose a threat to his safety and the disclosure of vital information.

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