One Punch Man Season 3 Everything We Know So Far

One Punch Man Season 3 is eagerly anticipated, though its production by MAPPA faces certain challenges. This article delves into what the future holds for Saitama and Genos in the upcoming season.

Debuting in 2015 and quickly ascending to cult classic status, One Punch Man has deeply engaged its audience with its complex world, endearing characters, and sharp wit. The anticipation for the third season has been building since the second season concluded in 2019.

Central to the narrative is Saitama, a hero who, despite his extraordinary strength capable of defeating enemies with a single punch, remains surprisingly relatable. Saitama’s incredible power is the result of rigorous training, which ironically led to the loss of his hair. Yet, he feels a sense of emptiness, longing for a challenge that truly tests his abilities.

Is There A One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date?


As of October 2023, an official release date for One Punch Man Season 3 has not been disclosed.

Considering that the first episode of Season 2 premiered on April 10, 2019, and there was a four-year gap between One Punch Man Seasons 1 and 2, enthusiasts are speculating that the series might make a return in early to mid-2024. More definitive details about Season 3 are anticipated to be revealed at Tokyo’s Jump Festa 2024, an anime convention scheduled for December 2023.

Nevertheless, given MAPPA’s ongoing production challenges and growing concerns about the status of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans will have to exercise patience and await updates on how One Punch Man will progress.

One Punch Man Season 3: Plot

In August 2022, the official One Punch Man Twitter account confirmed Season 3, bringing joy to fans, along with a teaser shared by character designer Chikashi Kubota. However, details about the official release date and the production studio remain undisclosed.

What information do we have? While specific plot details are being kept under wraps, it is possible to make an informed estimate. The first two seasons encompassed the initial 85 chapters, equivalent to 16 volumes, of the manga. Consequently, it is expected that the storyline will continue from the final episode of Season 2, picking up after Saitama’s victory over Elder Centipede and Garou’s apprehension. The narrative is likely to delve deeper into the manga’s Monster Association arc.

The Monster Association: A Clash of Factions

The Monster Association, under the leadership of King Orochi, continues to pose the most significant threat to the Hero Association. In Season 2, we witnessed their ability to turn regular humans into formidable monsters through the consumption of Monster King cells, a transformation process referred to as “monsterization.” This has profound consequences for the world. With rumors circulating about a supremely powerful entity named “God,” Season 3 is poised to escalate both the action and the stakes within the One Punch Man universe.

What About Garou?

The “Hero Hunter” and skilled martial artist, Garou, was introduced in Season 2, and if the manga is any indication, he is set to have a substantial presence in Season 3. His pursuit of power, strength, and equality positions him in direct opposition to the Hero Association. Being a survivor of the Monster Association, an intense confrontation between the “human monster” Garou and Saitama is anticipated.

What About Saitama?

While the “Caped Baldy” may not be the universe’s top hero, he holds a special place in the hearts of fans. According to the manga, Saitama might assume a more subdued role because of the inconvenient location of the monsters’ headquarters beneath his home. However, don’t dismiss him just yet. Considering his track record, there’s no doubt he will inevitably step forward to rescue the day.

A Season Of Intense Battles

In Season 3, the focus will shift to the esteemed S-Class heroes as they take on the formidable Monster Association. This storyline will feature the debut of Blast, the top-ranking hero, and his quest to obtain enigmatic cubes for communication with “God.” This arc not only enriches the narrative with complex layers but also introduces the ancient and immensely powerful entity “God,” adding an unpredictable and compelling dimension to the storyline.

One Punch Man Season 3: Cast


The following actors are considered to have a high probability of returning for Season 3 due to the fact that their characters are likely to make a comeback or make their presence felt in the new tale.

The Japanese voice cast is as follows: 

  • Makoto Furukawa – Saitama
  • Kaito Ishikawa – Genos
  • Hikaru Midorikawa – Garou
  • Atsushi Ono – Orochi

The English voice cast is as follows:

  • Max Mittelman – Saitama
  • Zach Aguilar – Genos
  • Greg Chun – Garou
  • Jason Marnocha – Orochi

What To Expect From One Punch Man Season 3?

The most important events that took place during One-Punch Man Season 2 were the introduction of the Monster Association and the debut of Garou, the Hero Hunter.

At the conclusion of Season 2, Garou was defeated by old man Bang and then kidnapped by the Phoenix Man and brought to the headquarters of the Monster Association. Saitama was successful in his battle against a dragon-level centipede monster.

On the basis of the conclusion of Season 2, it is anticipated that One-Punch Man Season 3 would begin its adaptation from Volume 17, Chapter 86.

The fact that Garou was brought to the headquarters of the Monster Association raises the possibility that the villain may be asked to join the organization. In addition, confrontations between the high-ranking members of the Monster Association and the Heroes of S-Class, which have been eagerly anticipated, might be on the horizon.

It is anticipated that Orochi, the Monster King, will play a significant role in the storyline of Season 3.

It has been hypothesized by some that Saitama will only play a supporting role in the third season of the show. This is due to the fact that the only reason he participated in the conflict is that Monster’s Headquarters is located just beneath his home.

As a result of this, the focus of Season 3 will shift to the Heroes of S-Class and the Monster Association.


Devoted fans of One Punch Man have been anxiously anticipating details about the much-awaited Season 3. This article offers a comprehensive overview of all the current information at hand, covering updates on the production’s advancement, potential developments in the storyline, and the introduction of new characters. As the remarkable saga of Saitama and his extraordinary capabilities continues, Season 3 is set to bring forth even more spectacular battles and humorous moments. The excitement for the upcoming installment of One Punch Man has peaked, promising fans another season filled with both action and entertainment.

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