Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 Spoilers And Raw Scans

The spouilers of Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 has been revealed. In this chapter, all the actors in the play named ’15-Year Lie’ came together to read and discuss the script. This gave fans a better understanding of the specific parts that each actor plays, and specifically gave more information about Ruby Don Ai’s character.

In the previous chapter, Gotanda finished writing the script for the film. However, they were still looking for a good young actor for an important part in the movie. At the same time, Aqua met the Crow Girl and asked her to join their group. Even though the Crow Girl didn’t want to at first, Aqua’s amazing abilities made her change her mind and agree to the offer.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Chapter 128 of Oshi no Ko has just been released, giving more information about the story. In this chapter, the actors came together to read the script of the TV show called “15-Year Lie. ” Ruby was very excited to play the character Ai Hoshino, and Aqua was also very excited to play the character Hikaru Kamiki. Ruby was very happy to see everyone. She realized that Strawberry Productions had a big job to do in the future. But she was still careful and unsure about Crow Girl’s intentions.

Crow Girl later revealed that she had been chosen to play the roles of “Child Role A” and “Child Role B” for the characters Aqua and Ruby. She performed under the name Tsukuyomi.

At about the same time, Mem-Cho first met Frill Shiranui. At first, Mem was worried about the meeting. But she felt better when she found out that Frill really likes Mem-Cho. Frill watches her videos on YouTube a lot and is also part of B-Komachi. During their friendly conversation, the manga suggested that Frill would play the role of Airi Himekawa, Taiki Himekawa’s mother, and Mem-Cho would play the character Meimei, who is a member of B-Komachi.

Later, Akane and Kana met each other again. At first, Kana didn’t feel comfortable with Akane Kurokawa being there, but as time went on, she started to like her more. Even though they have known each other and acted together since they were children, they know that people mistakenly think they are good friends. In truth, their relationship was more complicated. The manga showed that they were part of the B-Komachi group. Kana acted as Nino, and Akane played the character of Takamine.


Somewhere else, Melt and Taiku Himekawa met again after being apart for a long time. Melt was given the responsibility of playing Gorou Amamiya, while Taiki took on the role of Seijuurou Uehara. After they got back together, Producer Kaburagi Masaya started reading the script for the movie. In Chapter 128 of Oshi no Ko, there were hints that Gotanda was visibly nervous and worried.

Gotanda was unsure where Aqua had met Tsukuyomi, but he remembered Aqua’s younger days. Additionally, he seemed to disagree with the last sentence of the movie script because he thought it came from something Ai said in the DVD he gave to Aqua. Even though people understood it the same way, Gotanda still wasn’t sure.

After finishing reading the script, Kana Arima complimented Aqua’s amazing writing abilities. Even though Gotanda changed the work, Kana still respected Aqua’s work a lot. The manga then added three new characters to the story: Jean Tomato, Ayame Tomo, and Mita Norio. They were chosen to act in a play. Jean Tomato was chosen to play the character of Miyako, Ayame Tomo was chosen to play Ryosuke, and Mita Norio was chosen to play Ichigo Saitou.

There are spoilers for Oshi no Ko Chapter 128, and it also shows the cast members trying on their costumes. Something surprising happened when Ruby put on Ai Hoshino’s wig and clothes. She looked exactly like the famous idol.


The anticipation for Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 is building among fans, and spoilers and raw scans are highly sought after to get a glimpse of what’s to come in this intriguing manga series. This article has provided insights into the latest developments and raw scans of the chapter. Giving readers a taste of the unfolding story and character dynamics. As the plot thickens, Oshi no Ko continues to be a captivating and suspenseful tale that keeps fans eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

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