Spy X Family Chapter 83 Yuri vs Loid Reaches a Climax

In the latest installment of Spy X Family, chapter 83, readers were treated to an intense showdown between Twilight and Yuri as they engaged in a fierce battle to outwit and defeat each other. Concerns arose among fans regarding the fate of these two characters following the events of the previous chapter. Fortunately, both Twilight and Yuri were revealed to be alive and well. However, it appears that Twilight’s dual life as Loid is beginning to impact his operations.

In the preceding chapter, Loid attempted to divert the attention of the intelligence organization WISE by assuming the identity of Wheeler. Unfortunately, the SSS (Special Service Section) had devised a countermeasure, successfully exposing the impostor in their midst. This revelation set off a thrilling chase, with Yuri embarking on a pursuit of Twilight in isolation. It was during this pursuit that Yuri unexpectedly encountered Twilight disguised as himself, leading to a gripping confrontation.

Spy x Family chapter 83: Loid spares Yuri’s life

Continuing the narrative from the previous chapter, Spy x Family chapter 83 delves into the intense encounter between Twilight and Yuri. As the confrontation unfolds, both characters find themselves taken aback by the sudden turn of events. In a swift move, Yuri successfully shoots Twilight, grazing his arm. Meanwhile, Twilight hesitates momentarily but manages to disarm Yuri by swiftly shooting the gun out of his hand.

Once the initial shock subsides, Yuri takes the opportunity to closely observe Twilight, admiring his remarkable talent for disguise. Intrigued by the spy’s choice to pose as an SSS agent, Yuri begins to speculate that Twilight must be someone who has been closely observing him.

The tension between the two escalates, and they engage in a fierce battle. Twilight gains the upper hand, knocking Yuri to the ground and tending to his wound. However, Yuri refuses to stay down and repeatedly rises to continue the fight, displaying his unwavering determination. This pushes Twilight to unleash his full abilities, realizing the need to confront Yuri with utmost seriousness. Eventually, Twilight lands a decisive blow, rendering Yuri unconscious.

With Yuri incapacitated, Twilight is presented with an opportunity to eliminate him. However, when he hears Yor’s name mentioned by Yuri, Twilight has a change of heart and chooses to spare the life of the SSS agent, displaying a moment of compassion and restraint.


Meanwhile, in another location, the WISE organization was determined to locate Winston Wheeler. However, as they found no trace of him, a clever WISE agent took on the guise of SSS agent Gascoigne. Posing as Gascoigne, the agent maneuvered through the area, pretending to be pursued by WISE agents. Wheeler, unaware of the ruse, observed the situation and began tailing the imposter, believing him to be Gascoigne himself.

Despite their efforts, the WISE agents were unable to discern the true identity of Wheeler. Consequently, they devised an alternative plan. One of the WISE agents orchestrated an accident, causing a commotion that captured the attention of onlookers. However, a vigilant tracker like Wheeler would not be distracted by such disturbances and would instantly refocus on their intended target.


While the WISE agent struggled to identify Wheeler amidst the chaos, Fiona Frost, a member of WISE, keenly observed his behavior. She noticed how Wheeler cleverly used his sunglasses to conceal the direction of his gaze, ensuring he always kept a watchful eye on the WISE agent. With assistance from her fellow WISE agents, Fiona successfully cornered Wheeler, closing in on him.

Final thoughts on Spy x Family Chapter 83

In Spy x Family chapter 83, Twilight made the decision to spare Yuri Briar, realizing that his dual life as Loid was beginning to impact his effectiveness as a spy. This realization suggests that Twilight may need to adapt and make certain adjustments to reconcile his personal and professional roles.

Simultaneously, in another part of the story, Fiona crossed paths with Wheeler. The outcome of this encounter remains uncertain. Leaving readers unsure if Fiona will be able to confront it. And apprehend the double agent on her own or she will seek assistance from Twilight. The future developments in their mission against Wheeler will unveil the true extent of Fiona’s capabilities and the potential involvement of Twilight.

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