Spy x Family Chapter 85: Nightfall Vs Winston Wheeler

Spy x Family chapter 85 made its debut in Japan on July 24, and it delivered on its promise of showcasing Nightfall’s unleashed rage against Ostanian Secret Security Service agent Winston Wheeler. Although the chapter primarily centers around a fight scene, the stunning artwork and well-crafted storytelling vividly portray why Fiona Frost, also known as Nightfall, is a formidable force not to be underestimated.

The manga’s visuals are already impressive, and the action sequences further underscore this fact. Additionally, the situation emphasizes that the presence of Westalis’ spies in Ostania is drawing heightened attention. To avoid capture and potentially grim outcomes, they must make a swift exfiltration, especially considering the chaos depicted in the preceding chapters. Currently, their main objective is to deal with Winston Wheeler, a task Fiona seems to be handling adeptly.

Spy x Family Chapter 85 Fiona Violently Beat Winston Wheeler


The events at the end of Spy x Family chapter 84 left all the characters in dire situations. After a brutal confrontation with a disguised Loid Forger/Twilight, Yuri Briar was incapacitated. Meanwhile, Loid himself suffered injuries from a fight with Winston Wheeler, and Nightfall was consumed by anger upon witnessing Twilight’s beaten state.

Chapter 85 fulfills the long-awaited desire of Spy x Family fans to witness Fiona Frost/Nightfall breaking her cold facade and unleashing her fury. Despite Wheeler’s confidence in taking her on, he stands no chance as Nightfall’s first punch shatters both his and her arms. Her savage fighting style continues throughout the chapter, even with her arms broken, as she relentlessly strikes Wheeler.

In a different part of the story, Yuri Briar is rescued by his team, who insists on taking him away for medical attention. Although he swears revenge, he is denied the chance to act on it. Thus, Yuri remains wounded and humiliated but lives to fight another day.

Nightfall vs. Winston Wheeler


The highly anticipated main event finally commenced, with Wheeler issuing a menacing threat to snap Twilight’s neck, forcing Nightfall to lower her weapon. In a self-aggrandizing monologue, Wheeler belittles Westalis spies’ supposed weakness and boasts of his own strength, founded on his unwavering distrust of others. However, Nightfall moves swiftly, catching him off guard, and delivering a powerful blow.

Despite breaking her own arm in the process, Nightfall’s attack is devastating. Wheeler’s attempt to block the strike fails miserably as his arm shatters, rebounding into his face and causing him to bleed. In a fitting retaliation, Nightfall throws his own words back at him, asserting that his lack of trust makes him the truly weak one.

Though Wheeler manages to evade Nightfall’s second punch by ducking, he is unable to avoid her fierce back kick. With little time to react, he finds himself on the receiving end of Nightfall’s powerful attack, executed even with her dislocated arms. The chapter concludes with Wheeler sent flying as a result of the forceful punch.

A Clash Of Ideals And Mental Inhibitors Broken


The main event in the story revolves around two significant factors: the clash of ideals and the liberation of mental inhibitions. Let’s start with the latter, which is relatively straightforward. The manga suggests that humans are naturally held back from exerting their full strength due to their subconscious instincts. Unleashing 100% strength would result in severe muscle and bone injuries.

This notion is exemplified in the ongoing fight. Nightfall, despite her formidable display of rage and power, will likely experience immense pain once her fury subsides, considering the two broken arms and leg she sustained during the battle. As for the clash of ideals, it follows a classic hero versus villain trope: the antagonist, Wheeler, trusts no one, while the hero, Nightfall, places her trust and belief in herself and others.

In the context of Spy x Family’s spy narrative, this clash of ideals becomes even more pronounced. Spies are typically trained not to trust anyone during their missions, but Wheeler’s mistrust extends beyond the mission, leaving him isolated and without allies or support. This vulnerability makes him an easy target for Nightfall’s focused rage, driven by her profound love for Twilight.


In concluding Spy x Family chapter 85, it becomes evident that Nightfall has been harboring a simmering rage beneath the surface for quite some time, stemming from her longing to have Twilight’s partnership, love, and attention. She has always felt envious of Yor, who continually vies for Twilight’s affection.

Given the intense circumstances where one of the story’s protagonists is left battered, bloodied, and almost on the brink of death, it is not surprising that Nightfall’s pent-up rage engulfs her, reminiscent of a previous incident during the tennis tournament. The chapter brings to light the depth of Nightfall’s emotions and the impact of her suppressed feelings on the unfolding events.

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