Spy X Family Chapter 88 Spoilers And Raw Scans

Following the conclusion of the Wheeler arc in the previous book, fans eagerly await the next installment from Tatsuya Endo, with the uncertainty of what’s in store. This is a common experience for digital series on platforms like Shonen Jump+. Fortunately, fans now have access to the official release date. For a comprehensive insight into Spy x Family Chapter 88 and its potential developments, be sure to peruse this article. If you’re new to the series and find this article intriguing, it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the entire Spy x Family manga.

Spy X Family Chapter 87 Recap

In Spy x Family Chapter 87, we see Fiona Frost, also known as Nightfall, getting a visit from her handler, Sylvia Sherwood, at the hospital. Sylvia expresses her concerns about Fiona’s injuries and the shortage of staff at WISE due to Fiona and Loid being absent. Surprisingly, Fiona’s injuries are less severe than anticipated, thanks to her rigorous training for a tennis match. Sylvia applauds Fiona’s dedication but advises her not to overexert herself for the sake of “him,” alluding to Fiona’s feelings for Twilight.

The narrative then shifts to the Forger household, where Yor is preparing breakfast for the family. Loid, who is recovering from a mission, decides to take some rest, disappointing Anya, who was eager to go “ooting.” While Yor and Anya engage in playful antics with their pet lion, Bond, they attempt to make him resemble various animals, creating a fun and light-hearted moment. The chapter concludes with Loid hearing a vase shattering, suggesting potential developments on the horizon.

Spy X Family Chapter 88 Release Date

Spy X Family Chapter 88 will release on Sunday, October 15, 2023. They usually release new chapters every two weeks, but sometimes the author, Endo, takes a break. We don’t know the title of Chapter 88 yet, but we’ll tell you when we find out. Here are the times when it will be released in different parts of the world:

Time ZoneUTC offsetTime
Japan Standard Time (JST)UTC+900:00 (October 15)
Pacific Time (PT)UTC-808:00 (October 15)
Central Time (CT)UTC-610:00 (October 15)
Eastern Time (ET)UTC-511:00 (October 15)
United Kingdom (GMT)UTC+016:00 (October 15)
Central Europe (CET)UTC+117:00 (October 15)

Spy X Family Chapter 88 Spoilers And Raw Scans


Spy X Family, the Forger family, experiences unexpected challenges and situations that make their memories more exciting. At the start of the chapter, Twilight’s father, who is a spy, is given a task to enter the famous Eden Academy.

He wants to find out more about a mysterious group called Black Mist. But as he goes through school, Twilight encounters problems that he didn’t expect. He needs to use his cleverness and quick thinking to maintain his disguise.

At the same time, Yor, the very sneaky mom who is really good at spying, is faced with a straightforward, but challenging task. She needs to convince the director of Eden Academy that their adopted daughter. Anya is an extremely talented piano player who wants to attend the school.

Yor is able to cleverly manipulate and tell a complicated lie about Anya’s past, which makes her skills seem very important. This poses a sudden threat to the young woman. Anya, the cute daughter with psychic abilities, really enjoys her new school life.


However, people’s high expectations and demands make her feel overwhelmed. She is feeling stressed and goes into a room to hide. By accident, she tells someone about her secret membership in a unicycle group.

Anya is feeling both excited and fearful, so she decides to learn how to ride a unicycle to meet her new friends. This makes some funny and amusing scenes in the chapter. Spy X Family Chapter 88 explores how the Forger circle members treat each other and how their relationships are developing.

The way Twilight cares for Anya like a father and how Yor guides and supports her show how relatives love each other. At the end of the bankruptcy, Twilight realizes that they need to stay together to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.


In conclusion, the release of spoilers and raw scans for Spy x Family Chapter 88 has heightened the anticipation among fans of this thrilling manga series. As the story continues to evolve. These early leaks offer tantalizing glimpses into the ever-complicated world of espionage, family dynamics, and high-stakes missions. Spy x Family remains a gripping and unique addition to the manga landscape. And Chapter 88 promises to deliver more twists, humor. And suspense that keeps readers eagerly awaiting each new release.

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